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Namibia Continued

PODAS Namibia

The Namibia workshop offered many photography locations through out the country. The group moved several times to cover as much territory as possible. And, as you can see by the images everyone had a real good time.

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The Namibia Adventure

The PODAS Namibia Group

Recently Phase One completed a Master Class PODAS workshop in Namibia. Master Class workshops are real adventure – photo workshops. Participants are owners of Phase One cameras or have been on a previous PODAS workshop.  Our aim is to elevate the workshop experience and have more advanced instruction in a more remote part of the planet. This workshop was lead by Andy Biggs one of the most recognized Africa adventure leaders and Bill Atkinson of APPLE fame. Both are Phase One users and great teachers. The group was small because of airplanes and other travel restrictions through the region. This is a first class experience as are all PODAS workshops. I am posting here the first batch of candid workshop images for the workshop and will post the next batch this evening. The images these folks came back with are incredible and we will do our best to post a gallery in the near future.

PODAS workshops are happening fast and furious over the coming months. We begin with Scotland next week, followed closely after it with Monument Valley, then a few weeks later New Zealand. You can follow all of the workshops here plus get the latest PODAS workshop news.

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Announcing PODAS Namibia Master Class, Sept 23rd – Oct 3rd, 2012

Join us on ultimate Photo Safari Adventure with instructor Andy Biggs.

PODAS Master Class
– a workshop exclusively dedicated to Phase One owners

The goal of this workshop is to photograph the breathtaking desert landscapes of Namibia at three unique and beautiful locations. This will be a flying safari,. We will maximize our safari by flying from location to location. This will enable us to carry an adequate amount of camera baggage and eliminate long drives.

– This private flying safari covers fascinating attractions in Namibia and offers stunning landscape from the air.
– We will fly to three amazing destinations in southern, central and northern Namibia: Sossusvlei, Serra Cafema and the deserted mining town of Kolmanskop.
– The Namib Desert may well be the world’s oldest desert. The apricot-colored dunes at Sossusvlei are some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Herds of mountain zebra, gemsbok and springbok roam the area.
– In all the parks you will have the opportunity to spend quality photographic time.
– Finish on a high note in the magnificent northern landscapes along the Serra Cafema mountain range near Angola.

Read more and register here