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Read and View Images By Art Wolfe Made On Kimberley PODAS

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.27.29 AMThe Kimberley PODAS as you could see from previous posts was a lot of fun and an amazing journey.  Art Wolfe one of our instructors made a post on his blog with images.  View it BY CLICKING HERE

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Peter Eastway PODAS Instructor Shares His Experiences

PODAS workshops are in full swing and we have a busy fall line up starting with Scotland.  We just finished Namibia and will have posts from that workshop soon. We try our best to make regular posts to the blog as we progress through a workshop. We did an Iceland PODAS workshop in June and one our instructors on this workshop Peter Eastway kept a running journal of the trip with images. Peter is from Australia and as all PODAS workshops we try to bring instructors of the highest caliber to share their techniques and expertise. Peter is no exception.  In Australia, Peter’s name is synonymous with landscape photography and his web site and magazine Better Photography are favorites of photographers in Australia.

PODAS workshops are all about taking great images, learning more about workflow and managing your images but more than anything else they are fu and you will make some great new friends and have a few laughs along the way. If you ever wonder what it is like to be on a PODAS workshop read Peter’s blog of the adventure by CLICKING HERE.

We hope you consider joining a PODAS workshop and experiencing for yourself why a Phase One camera and Digital Back make a difference in your photography. It’s all about image quality!

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Art Wolfe – PODAS Instructor Shares A Phase One Story

Art Wolfe, Phase One user and PODAS Instructor

Art Wolfe who is well known photographer and PODAS instructor recently took his Phase One system on a hike and discovered some ice caves. Enjoy Art’s adventure and the incredible images he shot on this hike. Art will be teaching with Phase One on two workshops in 2013. He will be with us at the Kimberley PODAS and Tuscany PODAS. READ ART’S BLOG BY CLICKING HERE

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PODAS Palouse Is Over

The August 2011 PODAS workshop

We had a totally excellent adventure in the Plaouse. As you can see from previous posts there was lot of excellent photography, lots of fun and a ton of learning. Our group as you can see from the above images was a large happy one. Not too many workshops can pull off what PODAS does. It’s a team effort on behalf of the instructors, Phase One staff and most of all the attendees. There has probally never been this many Phase One DF cameras and IQ backs ever assembled in one place. In the near future we will post a gellery of images made in thePalouse by everyone. For now there are a lot of very tired people heading home to a massive job of editing their images from this trip.

We have some great workshops coming up. There is a Fashion & Portrait workshop in a little over a week in Birmingham UK, a landscape workshop in November for Chinese and finally our big New Zealand trip November 30th.

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PODAS Instructor Publishes Book

Daniel Bergmann, Iceland Landscapes

Iceland is one of the classic destinations for photography.  One of the finest guides, leaders and photographers in Iceland is Daniel  Bergmann.  Last year he arranged and lead the Phase One PODAS workshop to some magnificent areas of Iceland.  A true gentleman and a heck of a lot of fun, everyone enjoyed Daniel.  He also seemed to know everyone where ever we went.  Well, Daniel just released a new book, ICELAND LANDSCAPES.  I was proud to receive this book in the mail recently from Daniel as a gift.  I can tell you that it is one of the finest photography books I have ever seen.  The color and images as well as the text is just outstanding.  This is a book that will sit on top of the pile on my coffee table for a long time.  If you are a collector of photography books and want one of the best books on Iceland photography or elsewhere , then check this book out.  You can go right to Daniel’s site HERE AND ORDER IT. We will be doing a workshop in Iceland next May and Danile once again will take us to some very special locations for some magnificent photography.

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PODAS Ireland Instructor Opens His Gallery

We are only two weeks away from the PODAS Ireland workshop. This sold out event promises to be a good one with magnificent landscapes and a lot of adventure planned. Our Ireland based instructor Peter Cox has just opened his new gallery. It’s an 800 sq foot beauty that highlights the beautiful work that he does.As part of the PODAS workshop we will have an evening reception at the gallery and hear Peter talk about the landscapes he has done around Ireland. You can see this gallery and learn more about Peter HERE.

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PODAS Instructor Mark Dubovoy – Hangs Image In Masters Of California

Big Sur - By Mark Dubovoy

Mark Dubovoy well know PODAS instructor, Author and Photographer has recently had an image of his accepted into the Adams, Weston and The Masters Of California Photography exhibit. This exhibit is at the Monterey Museum of Art and has just opened. The exhibit is being shown in two adjoining galleries, one with black and white works and the other one in color. One of Mark’s multilayer hand made Carbon Pigment Prints is hanging as one of the color images.

You can view more about this exhibit by clicking here