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Michael Reichmann
Michael Reichmann has been both a professional photographer as well as avid amateur for more than 35 years. Michael devotes his full-time energies to landscape photography, photographic journalism, print collecting and teaching — among other pursuits.  He is a Contributing Editor to Photo Techniques Magazine  and writes from time to time for other publications as well. Reichmann has created the extremely popular web site Luminous Landscape as a forum for the display and discussion of landscape photography, digital imaging techniques, and related topics.

Art Wolfe
Over the course of his 30-year career, award-winning photographer Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His stunning images interpret and record the world’s fast-disappearing wildlife, landscapes and native cultures, and are a lasting inspiration to those who seek to preserve them all. Wolfe is the host of the public television series Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge, an intimate and upbeat series that offers unique insights on nature, culture, and the new realm of digital photography. It is now airing worldwide.
Magazines all over the world publish his photographs and stories, and his work has appeared in numerous gallery and museum exhibits. He is a contributor to Luminous Landscape and his educational seminars and workshops are in much demand.
Wolfe is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, the International League of Conservation Photographers, and the Photographic Society of America. Wolfe has released over sixty books, including the award-winning The Living Wild and Edge of the Earth Corner of the Sky.

Andy Biggs
Andy Biggs is an avid adventurer, conservationist, teacher, and outdoor photographer whose photography celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people, and culture. With a deep respect and understanding for African wildlife, Andy unfolds the world of the Serengeti onto our doorstep with striking emotional depth. His photographic safaris allow the traveler to not only enhance their understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, but to develop a life-long admiration for Africa ‘s beauty and culture.

Drew Gardner
Drew is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in the UK whose career has spanned 30 years taking him to over 30 countries.
After many years as a photojournalist shooting for the national newspapers, he now shoots primarily for editorial, corporate, advertising and fashion accounts, specialising in people  and locations. Drew is the master of re-invention and innovation and he has photographed subjects as diverse as the Bushmen of the Kalahari to Lily Allen working for magazines and brands such as Sports Illustrated, GQ, L’Oreal and Drew’s love of narrative features strongly throughout his work. His work has been exhibited world wide with solo shows of his fine art work in London and the USA.

Miss Aniela
Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) is an internationally-exhibited photographer and published author, who came to prominence through the internet for her creative and compelling self-portraiture.
Her work has been exhibited numerous times in the UK, US, Spain and South America, and she has presented and spoken widely at photography events in Europe and the US. Having emerged into commercial photography from the point of view of a fine-art photographer, Miss Aniela now utilises her dramatic digital techniques for commercial and fashion assignments.
She now runs her own workshops and ‘shoot experiences’ inviting photographers to shoot creative fashion portraits with styled models in quirky locations.

Mike Langford
Mike Langford has 30 years experience as an international professional photographer and has lectured and given workshops to professional photographers for 20 years. He is a passionate and patient teacher to all levels of photography and through all the photographic disciplines including: landscape, portraiture, architecture and commercial photography.
Mike’s approach is one of research and understanding the requirements needed to successfully communicate an idea.
He has published over 20 books, with more to come.
Mike Langford has lived and worked out of Sydney Australia for twenty years and now lives in Queenstown New Zealand. He is the co-director of the Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography, along with his partner Jackie Ranken.

Jackie Ranken
Jackie Ranken is a multi award-winning landscape art photographer who has established herself as a master photographer with her unique black and white aerial imagery. Her honoraries are long; but what matters to her is that she is out there photographing and exploring who she is, increasing her skills base and expressing herself through her photography. She considers her ‘art’ to be classic black & white landscape photography, where the ‘fine art print’ is the most important end result of the photographic process. Jackie is the co-director of the Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography, along with her partner Mike Langford.

Christian Fletcher
Christian Fletcher is a recipient of the 2011 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year award and has more than 20 years experience of professional photography.
Trained in traditional photo techniques, Fletcher has evolved with the digital revolution, and is able to offer the skill and understanding required to master the craft. His expert knowledge of digital file processing for example, will be an invaluable aid for participants who want to extract the greatest level of image quality from Phase One images.

Jeffrey Totaro
Jeffrey Totaro has had a life-long interest in building design and construction. Before becoming a photographer, he worked as an architect and structural engineer for a prominent Philadelphia firm. During his education and early career, his strong interest in design was coupled with an interest in photographing architecture and interiors. A self-taught photographer, Jeffrey transitioned to professional photography in 1996 and has since built an impressive portfolio of commercial, residential, and institutional photography for some of the leading design firms around the country.
Jeffrey’s approach to architectural photography takes full advantage of the digital tools available today and he continues to apply the more traditional methods of lighting a building. He enjoys teaching photography workshops and participating in photography podcasts.
Totaro is currently serving as the co-president of the architectural specialty group of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

Mark Dubovoy
Mark Dubovoy is a well-known photographer, educator and writer. His breathtaking images are a unique combination of impeccable aesthetics, a deep love for nature and flawless technique.
Mark is a regular contributor of technical articles for PHOTO Techniques magazine and The Luminous Landscape. He teaches his own workshops and is a guest lecturer at various other workshops around the world.
His photographs are included in a number of private collections, as well as in the permanent collections of major Museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Monterey Art Museum, the Berkeley Art Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in Nanao Japan. After decades of using large format film, he made the transition to digital several years ago.

Bill Atkinson
Bill Atkinson was a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer. Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and HyperCard software.A world-famous landscape and nature photographer, Bill has spent more than forty years refining his vision – hiking through forests and deserts; lugging camera gear through rain, mud and snow; seeking out the special light that reveals hidden beauty. Through intimate landscapes and close-up details, Atkinson’s photographs highlight and celebrate the wonders of nature. By developing his skills as a photographer and a fine art printmaker, Atkinson has been able to create expressive and archival photographs that faithfully share his experiences. As a pioneer of digital printing technologies, he teaches workshops in fine-art printmaking and has shared his expertise with over three hundred photographers.

Jeff Schewe
Jeff Schewe is a digital pioneer. An award winning advertising photographer by trade, he has been a long-term alpha/beta tester for Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom, and has been personally involved with their development. He is also a well-known fine art printing guru and is an Epson Stylus Pro member and leader of the Epson Print Academy.
Jeff is the co-author of “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS4” as well as co-author, along with Martin Evening, of “Photoshop CS4 For Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop”.
He’s a member of the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame. Jeff is also a founding partner in PixelGenius, LLC makers of the PhotoKit™ line of plug-ins. Jeff has also been seen in a variety of Luminous Landscape video tutorials along with his on-screen partner, Michael Reichmann, including their Camera To Print and Lightroom 2 tutorials.

Jack Flesher
While he considers himself primarily a “Landscape” photographer, Jack has photographed for commercial and corporate clients, led several photographic workshops, and instructed novice through advanced photographers in a variety of photographic venues.
Jack’s work has been exhibited in galleries from California to New York, and the Bibliothèque Nationale selected one of Jack’s images to be part of a collection they procured on “Images of the American Southwest.”
Today he remains passionate in his pursuit of creating photographic art and enjoys photographing most anything from architecture and machinery to people and wildlife. However, when pressed to choose a favorite photographic subject, Jack replies, “I love photographing the natural landscape.”
Jack enjoys sharing his experience and ideas with others, and is co-owner of the GetDPI photography forums.

Peter Cox
Peter Cox is a landscape photographer and educator working and living in the wilds of his native Ireland. Using a combination of artistic vision and technical mastery, he creates images that communicate his love for the landscape directly to the viewer by evoking the emotion of the scene.
Recognized as one of the premier photographers in Ireland, Peter has won the national Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2007 and his work has been featured in a nationally-broadcast television programme.
He is currently working on a long-term project to photograph and document the lighthouses of Ireland. As an educator, he has a strong focus on his students and works hard to ensure that they both improve their craft and get great enjoyment from his workshops.
Bringing students from all over the world and sharing the beautiful and lesser-known nooks and crannies of his country gives him great personal satisfaction.

Steve Gosling
Steve Gosling is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape and travel images. His photographs have been published internationally (e.g. on posters, greetings cards, book covers) and have illustrated books, magazines, newspapers & calendars across the world.
His prints have been widely exhibited across the UK and have also appeared on sets for both theatre & film productions. His work has won many awards – for example, one of his landscape images recently won the places category in the UK’s ‘Black & White Photographer of the Year’ competition.

Charles Cramer
After spending seven years of college studying classical piano, Charles Cramer visited Yosemite National Park, and soon discovered he wanted out of those tiny practice rooms! Realizing the similarities between interpreting music and interpreting a negative, he soon became enamored with making prints. Thirty years later, he is recognized as a master printmaker in both darkroom-based dye transfer printing, and now in digital processes. Cramer’s prints are available internationally through many galleries, and his work has been published by National Geographic Books, Sierra Club, and the Yosemite Association.
He has taught digital imaging for the Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops, Palm Beach Workshops, Anderson Ranch, and others. He has been profiled in PhotoTechniques, PhotoVision, and View Camera Magazines. He is also included in the book Landscape: The World’s Top Photographers, published in 2005.

Adam Mørk
Adam Mørk graduated as an architect in 1997 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. He worked for five years as an architect doing competitions at Dissing+Weitling architecture.Based with a studio in Copenhagen, he has since 2002 worked worldwide as an architectural photographer.
In all his work Adam Mørk shows a special attention and sensitivity of light – and how light sculptures and creates the space in harmony with material and people.Adam Mørk is chosen by leading architects to portrait their works, among them are: 3XN, Behnisch Architekten, Henning Larsen Architects and schmidt/hammer/lassen architects.

Tim Wolcott
Tim Wolcott’s passion for photography is in advancing the frontiers of landscape imagery and environmentally-friendly processes. In 1996, Wolcott developed the first green gallery in the world using only pigments and managed forest woods and acid-free mountings technologies. Tim exhibited his work around the world and at many photo conventions. In 1999, Tim opened a gallery in Big Bear Lake, California, which is dedicated to featuring some of the best works in the United States.
The Gallery of the American Landscape has and will display some of the best works by renowned artists throughout the world. Tim Wolcott’s photographs are included in many numerous private, public, and corporate collections worldwide; including the Guggenheim, Smithsonian, Photokina, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanante, Chevron, and the Nature Conservancy. His photography graces the walls of many world class galleries; Fahey Klein Gallery, Photography West, Vision Gallery, Photocollect, Grubel Gallery, and Gallery of the American Landscape just to name a few.

Torben Eskerod
Born in 1960, Torben Eskerod holds a MA of science engineering from University of Aalborg, later he studied Architecture, Fine Art and Photography. Torben Eskerod is an award winning fine art photographer based in Copenhagen. He has more than 100 international exhibitions in Museums and Galleries. He represented in Museum collections in Denmark, USA and Japan, and has several monographs published.
As a commercial photographer, Torben Eskerod has specialized in photographing spaces. He works for leading Danish Architects, Museums, Institutions and Publishing houses. He is currently involved in several book projects. Torben Eskerod is a member of the Danish Artist Association and is represented by Peter Lav Gallery in Copenhagen.

James Martin
James Martin is a photographer and writer based in Seattle, Washington. James has criss-crossed the planet to capture images of the wild world, from pristine wilderness to the fringes of human behavior. Jim is also the author of 20 books, including Digital PhotographyOutdoors, Dragons in the Trees, and Extreme Alpinism (with Mark Twight). He recently completed the book Planet Ice, a global survey of ice that elucidates the relationship between climate and ice as well as the action of ice on the landscape.
In the course of shooting he hiked to Everest Base Camp, soloed across the Andes, climbed Kilimanjaro and the Mountains of the Moon, visited Greenland twice, and led trips to Antarctica. His work has appeared in Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, and a host of other periodicals. He has been profiled in Men’s Journal, Outdoor Photographer, and on the CBS Evening News. He has led photo tours annually worldwide since 1991.

Daniel Bergmann
Daniel Bergmann is Iceland’s best-known nature photographer. He has been a professional photographer and writer since 1991 and is a pioneer in leading photography workshops in Iceland. His expertise is his home country and few photographers, if any, know Iceland better. Daniel’s images have appeared in a number of international magazines, including BBC Wildlife, National Geographic Traveler, CNN Traveller, TIME for kids, RSPB’s Birds, Birdwatch and Birding World.
He has created two books in English on Icelandic nature; Icelandic Wilderness and Skaftafell National Park. Recently he was chosen as the only Icelandic photographer to photograph for the Wild Wonders of Europe project, the greatest photography quest of its kind to be launched in Europe.

Alain Briot
Alain Briot approaches photography as a Fine Art. Alain’s goal is to express his personal vision of the subject rather than depict reality in a factual manner. Originally from France, Alain first studied painting and drawing at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris, before studying photography. His painting and drawing studies defined his approach to photography. In addition to his Fine Art work, Alain teaches workshops, writes essays and publishes books and DVD tutorials.
Alain is the author of Mastering Landscape Photography and Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style, both published by Rocky Nook. Alain is also the author of the Mastery Workshops on DVD series. Alain is a columnist for Luminous-landscape.com, outbackphoto.com, Naturephotographers.net and other sites. His writings have been translated in over 15 different languages.

Guy Mancuso
In his 30+ years as a freelancer and Fortune 500 photographer, Guy Mancuso has perfected his innovative techniques with acquired expertise in the advertising, commercial, industrial and corporate markets. Educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Art Institute of Atlanta, he’s traveled the world shooting annual reports, advertising, public relations and marketing materials.
Guy freely shares his knowledge throughout the discussion threads on the GetDPI photography forums that he is co-owner of, and enjoys helping students master their photographic skills through the GetDPI workshop series that he and Jack Flesher lead together. Guy shoots 100% digital now and works primarily with Phase One medium format digital cameras.

Ken Duncan
Ken Duncan is well known as the pioneer of Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australia. After a visit to New York in the early 1980’s, Ken returned home with a dream to have photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. Ken is truly passionate about his craft. Always striving for excellence, he travels extensively throughout the world in search of the stunning panoramic landscapes – or Panographs – for which he is best known.
Recognised internationally as a gifted and prolific landscape photographer, Ken still chooses to describe himself as “… an average photographer, with a great God – merely an interpreter of God’s creation”. The art, he says, is in seeing, capturing and presenting these images to others. And this Ken does with his own unique style and his exceptional ability to capture the very spirit of a place at a given moment in time.

Peter Eastway
Having worked in most areas of professional photography, Peter Eastway’s passion is for landscapes. Peter’s work is so respected that Lonely Planet chose him to write their international photography guide book on landscape photography. Peter is also a Grand Master of Photography, one of only a handful in the world and earned from a career spanning nearly 30 years. Peter has won many awards for his photography.
In 1996 and 1998 he was the AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. Recently he won the Grand Award for the Commercial Category at the 2005 WPPI Exhibition in Las Vegas. His limited edition prints are exhibited in selected galleries around Australia and are held by private collectors in England, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and the USA.

Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton is a noted fine art and media photographer whose work has been published and exhibited worldwide. He is the author/photographer of eight photographic titles including most recently, Terra Incognita: Photographs of America’s Third Coast. Sexton’s work is included in the Historic New Orleans Collection, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and numerous private collections.
His multidisciplinary studio is based in New Orleans. Sexton teaches digital photography at New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and through privately sponsored workshops. He has contributed technical essays on photography to The Luminous Landscape web site and to View Camera magazine.