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PODAS Monument Valley Ends

The PODAS Monument Valley Group

What a trip! It was adventure, photography, great instruction all the way. We packed a lot into a week and that is what PODAS is all about. No sitting around time allowed.  We were either shooting or in the classroom. The images created by this group are amazing. I’ll post some of those later this week. Everyone had a great time and the instructors, Tim Wolcott, and Jack Flesher were amazing. The Phase One team that was along also was top in their game. Many morning we were up before sunrise and to bed late evening. It was a great group with attendees from all around the world. We have two weeks before we start a PODAS in New Zealand. So, keep checking back fro more image from both Scotland and the Monument Valley PODAS workshops. If you have never been on PODAS give some thought to joining us next year as we have some great events on the calendar.


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Monument Valley and Page PODAS Workshop In action Part 1

Clint’s Secret Spot, Monument Valley

We are all now home safely from what was an amazing week of adventure and photography. Lots of great times and new stories as well as new friends. Normally I try to post candid galleries as the workshop is going but the internet speed at the two hotels we stayed at just made that impossible. So I present now part 1 of the candid image galleries. I’ll post another gallery tomorrow so please come back and visit. Enjoy!

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PODAS in Page, AZ

Rattlesnake Slot Canyon, Page, AZ

The internet connection is very slow so I can’t post large albums of the great time we are having.  We moved from Monument Valley to Page, AZ on Tuesday. Yesterday we photographed the whole day in slot canyons. All of us have some amazing photos. These canyons and the conditions were made just for the IQ Digital backs. The ability to capture the smallest details to handling dark lighting conditions and holding the details in highlight and shadows can’t be achieved by a DSLR.  More of these great examples will be coming to the blog. Our days have been very full (Typical PODAS) and everyone is keeping up. This morning we shoot Lower Antelope Canyon and then finish the day with classroom and one on one instruction with the instructors. We conclude tonight with a farewell dinner, and a slide show of everyones images plus a lot of candid shots. This has been one heck of an adventure.


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Day 2 Monument Valley PODAS

Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley – November 6, 2012

The internet is still painfully slow so I am forced to wait until we get to Page tomorrow to put up images of the workshop in action. I can tell you though that we have had a day of adventure. We shot sunrise for the second time. It’s quite the sight to be in the valley and next to these great rock formations when the sun rises. But, our highlight came when we headed to Hunts Mesa. This is an amazing overlook that few people get to visit. The trek there is over two hours through sand and steep rock faces. We drove out in 4 4WD large vehicles. Our Navajo Indian guides drove expertly over some unbelievable terrain. Wait until you see the images. It was all worth it when we crested the top to see this amazing view. Kind of one of those oh my gosh moments. We had the chance to roam this mesa and shoot sunset which is what the shot above is. Then we got to drive down an equally insane track in the dark. You can’t get a ride like we had even at an amusement park. All in all it was a super day.  Everyone walked off with images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Tomorrow we head to Page, AZ where we will be shooting the slot canyons for the next few days.

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PODAS Monument Valley Has Started

Sunrise Monument Valley

We are off and running full PODAS speed ahead on the Monument Valley PODAS workshop. After introductions and a quick sunset on Saturday the attendees were ready for their first of several early morning sunrise shoots. We were off with 4 Navajo Indian guides provided by Nate Holiday, a local guide who knows all the good places to get photographers. We split and were able to photograph at different places so it was all small group shooting. We returned for a breakfast and short meeting and then left after lunch and didn’t return until after sunset. It was quite an adventure riding rough rides and taking great pictures. As always the PODAS weather gods were watching over us for a great day temperature wise as well as clouds and sun.

The internet is too slow to post candid shots yet, but here is a picture to get you ready taken at the sunrise shoot. When I get a better connection I’ll post more images.