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An End To A Terrific Week

The PODAS Ireland Group Photo

PODAS Ireland is now over and all of us are on our way home. What a week. So many things happened this past week and we covered so much ground and visited so many beautiful place. We had a classroom day on Friday where we covered more power tips on Capture One and A topic about Now That You Got it what Do You Do With It. This also provided everyone time to work on their images and get individual attention from the instructors. We enjoyed a nice farewell dinner and this was followed by a twenty minute slide show with over 400 images re-capping the week with images from the attendees and photos of everyone having fun. It was put to music and everyone enjoyed re-living the week.

This group was limited to fifteen people and with instructors and staff we are at 2o folks. It was a true international get together. We had attendees from Ireland, UK, USA,  Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Check Republic, Russia, and Netherlands. The above group photo was made on one of our excursions.

Upcoming PODAS workshops are for July in Chicago fior a workshop on architecture, and in August we have a sold out workshop in the Palouse area of washington state. We will announce a portrait fashion workshop in the next few days and a workshop for October shooting waterfalls. I do hope you consider joing us for one of these. We end the year in spectacular New Zealand.

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It’s Thursday In Ireland

Slea Head, Ireland

Thursday, the week is moving way to fast and we’re feeling like the walking dead, but everyone keeps going.  Working on only a few hours asleep again we are on our way for a spectacular full day of photography.  We travel the peninsula of dingle, Ireland on roads that aren’t wide enough for cars, carved into hillsides with long drops to the sea.  But oh are we getting some got shots.  We worked several locations until around 1:30 and took a break for lunch.  We then visited an abandoned house and school house where we had a lot of fun shooting.  We know why the school was abandoned – because it sat on top of a large overlook of the sea.  What kid could ever learn anything when he would look out the windows of the school and see such a gorgeous scene.  We eventually worked our way back to town, ate dinner at a nice local seafood restaurant and then went out for a sunset shoot.  While the day was beautiful our sunset shoot was typical Ireland.  The clouds and rain returned but we also had a sunset.  Kind of like the weather gods throw everything they have at you in one hour.  Never the less we all came back with some stunning shots.  We will slow it down on Friday and do classroom time on Capture One and a program called “Now That You Got It What Do You Do With It”.  Check back tomorrow for coverage of our last day.

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PODAS Ireland Is Moving Fast

Minard Castle Beach - Ireland

This posting is a bit late due to how busy we have all been on the Ireland PODAS workshop. As you can see from the earlier post I made the agenda for this PODAS leaves little time for rest.  The group has been absolutely great.  On Wednesday morning we slept in and were on the road to Dingle by 10AM.  We reached Dingle and kicked into high gear.  After checking into our rooms we enjoyed a nice lunch and then had an afternoon of fine programs.  First on deck was Steve Gosling a fine art photographer from the UK.  Steve’s program was absolutely inspiring.  His photography and approach to capturing and making the image motivated everyone.  It wasn’t long before we coined the phrase Goslled.  After Steve’s program Phase One’s own Niels Knudsen presented a program on a variety of topics including finding the sweet spot for your lens, custom color balance, and Capture One power user tips. Peter Cox our Ireland based instructor and Steve have gone above and beyond the call in working with and helping the attendees.  Check these photographers out, both are excellent and true gentlemen.  Following a wonderful dinner we headed out for a magnificent sunset shoot.  The images below and above are examples of what we did.  Minard Castle is an old castle and beautiful beach.  We enjoyed a wonderful sunset there, followed by the eclipse of the moon.  Not a bad night at all.  We returned to the hotel by 11:30 and set our alarms for 3:30 AM.  We’ll be heading out to Connor Pass for sunrise, followed by a full day of shooting.  Check back later for Thursday’s blog entry.

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The Gap Of Dunlow and More

The Gap Of Dunlow - Ireland PODAS Workshop Dawn Shoot Location

Another 3:30 AM wake up call came way too early this morning.  We were on the road by 4:00 AM and heading for The Gap Of Dunlow an hour drive from the hotel.  Three vans and twenty bright eyed photographers.  The Gap Of Dunlow is an Ireland iconic location and this was a great morning to photograph it.  All of us found our spots and waited for the light.  Everyone was able to capture various views of this nice location. The shot above was taken with a Phase One IQ180 on an ALPA with a 23mm lens.  It is an incredibly sharp image with great depth of field.  While shooting we were visited by a pair of friendly and frisky horse and some of the attendees were able to get some very nice images of the horses.

Also included are shots taken today from our other shooting excursions.  We enjoyed shooting from a few spots but we were battling winds upwards to 60 or more MPH.  Never the less everyone was out shooting and all of us have a number of nice shots.  We also visited a pub in Port Magee and enjoyed a true Irish lunch.  On Wednesday we head to our new hotel in Dingle.  We will work out of Dingle for the next few days and have many locations to work from.  Keep visiting the blog to see more of our PODAS Ireland Adventure.

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PODAS Ireland Monday’s Adventure

Farm Wall in Bridia Valley, Ireland

The PODAS workshop once again is a non-stop agenda and Monday was no exception.  We were up and out of the hotel by 4 AM and out to shoot at Ladies View (yesterday’s Blog photo).  We came back and had a hearty breakfast and then spent the morning right up until lunchtime doing a Capture One power users program.  After lunch and a short break we were off to Peter Cox’s Gallery right in town.  Peter is one of our instructors and our primary guide for the workshop.  Peter gave his lecture on photography at the gallery with the backdrop of many of his great images.  We returned to the hotel in time for dinner and shortly after dinner we headed out for our sunset shoot.  The location of this shoot was Bridia Valley.  Getting anywhere in Ireland is an interesting task.  The folks that designed the roads did not think about how wide vans and cars are.  The roads are narrow and in many cases one lane.  It makes things fun.  So we wove and drove on some crazy curvy road until we arrived at this beautiful valley where we spent the evening shooting until dark. So, we deal with roads, but what is really interesting is seeing and more than that driving what passes for a so called van.  It’s like a shoe box with 4 wheels.  Getting home was another adventure because now we had to drive these roads in the dark.  Never the less we arrived back at the hotel by 11:30PM.  It was off to bed, because the wake up call was 3:30AM with a 4 AM departure to our Tuesday sunrise shoot.   Check back later for more entries and photos of our Ireland PODAS Adventure.  Everyone is having a good time and taking some very nice images.

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Unsettled Irish Sunrise

Unsettled Weather Sunrise, Killarney, Ireland

The PODAS workshop is off and running full speed.  The group of 15 attendees is excellent and a great mix.  We are having a good time with some fun laughs and great shooting.  Wake up call was 3:30AM today (our British friends call it stupid-o-clock) and we were on our way to Ladies View for sunrise.  It didn’t look too hopeful but that quickly changed.  A new weather term used in Ireland is unsettled weather.  The image above is a good example.  You get clouds, rain and sunshine.  Pretty cool stuff for a landscape photographer.  As you can see from the gallery below we are enjoying cool weather and a great time shooting. We have a Capture One workshop this morning following by a talk by one of our instructors Peter Cox at his gallery this afternoon.  Then off for what should be a great sunset shoot.  This is going to be one fantastic PODAS.

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PODAS Ireland Officially Begins

Sunset From The Lake Hotel

Everyone has made it and we are all at the Lake Hotel in Killarney, Ireland.  This is our base station for the next few days before we head out to our second location.  You can follow us here with photos from our excursions as well as commentary.  This workshop has many repeat PODAS attendees and many Phase One owners.  It is a great chance to try out new gear and look at additional lenses.  The group is excited and ready to go.  This workshop has been sold out for weeks.  We have only a few spots left for Chicago and Palouse.  Check out those workshops and if you can join us and register today.