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Great Group, Great Times, Great Images – The Chinese PODAS

The Dunes Area, Death Valley, CA

So we are on our way at 5 AM again. Today we head to the dunes for sunrise. And, what a beautiful sunrise it was. We are having a lot of fun and the Chinese attendees are enjoying what Death Valley offers up photographically. We had a great big breakfast followed by a morning program.  After a burger cookout we headed to Beatty, NV for a taste of the true west. This was followed by shooting in Rhyolite Ghost town and capped off with a fantastic sunset. We closed the evening with a dinner of prime rib or turkey and a pasta bar. Bottom line we are taking great images, making some fantastic new friends and having lot of fun.



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A Full Day Of PODAS

Artists PaletteAsk anyone who has been on a PODAS and they will tell you don’t expect to sleep much because you will be busy. Today we left at 5AM for sunrise at Badwater. Cool place to shoot as the sun comes up. After a great breakfast Kevin Raber presented the intro to Capture One with Fai Chan’s help as the translator. We had the chance to see how by using Capture One you could turn a plain image into a dramatic shot. We had a great lunch and then were treated to a program by Jeff Schewee. Jeff is a brilliant presenter and filled everyone’s heads with new techniques and ideas. It wasn’t too long and we were back in the vans to shoot sunset at Artist Palette. This place just lights up during a sunset. Then we had a barb b q chicken and ribs dinner for a taste of true america. The Chinese attendees loved it and are having a great time.

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PODAS Death Valley for Chinese About To Kick Off

This was made on the drive to Death Valley on Friday

We are in Death Valley now preparing and setting up for a PODAS workshop with visiting photographers from China. This will be our first language specify workshop we have held. While it will have some challenges as far as difference in Languages we are ready. We begin Monday afternoon and will continue all week long returning the attendees to Las Vegas airport on Saturday morning.  So, stay tuned and watch as we have fun shooting in Death Valley.

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PODAS Students Follow Through

At each PODAS workshop we have a classroom discussion about “Now That You Got It What Do You Do With It”. This part of the workshop covers ideas about what to do with all the images you are making, especially those on the PODAS workshop. We discuss book publishing, framing, mounting, printing and how to share images using the web. One of the topics on the web part is starting a blog and putting your work out there. One of our recent Death Valley PODAS Attendees did just that. Jay Lolli came back from PODAS and started his own blog. You can visit Jay’s blog here.  Please consider joining us on one of our PODAS workshops and you will learn all sorts of ideas on many topics and most of all you will take your photography to new heights.

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One Of Those Mornings

Death Valley - Dunes - By David Chew

The PODAS Death Valley workshop is over.  It was an amazing few days with some absolutely great photography.  Weather and beautiful light helped a lot, not to mention the great group we had.  On the last morning before we were all ready to head home two of our attendees decided to venture out and do one last sunrise.  It’s not like 6 4:30 AM sunrises were enough.  Grant Taylor and David Chew opted for one more visit to the Dunes.  They got there and the winds were calm but almost instantly the winds started howling and blowing sand all over.  This did not deter them though. You can take a beating on the dunes when sand is flying.   They ventured out into the dunes and did the sunrise.  The image above was by David Chew using his brand new P65+ digital back on an ALPA camera system.  Sometimes you need to take the beating to get the image.  I’m sure you’ll agree it is a great looking image.  We’ll share more images made by the attendees in the coming weeks.  Thanks David for sharing.

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Beatty – Rhyolite Field Trip and Special Ending

Death Valley Sunset

After our dawn shoot at the Dunes we spent the morning enhancing our Capture One skills and working on the images for the final night slide show. We had a great lunch as all our meals have been and then headed off for a field trip. I like taking everyone for a cultural experience on Death Valley trips to a ton outside of the park called Beatty. It’s kind of hard to describe Beatty other than there is lots of colorful folks. A tradition on PODAS trips is to leave our mark in various places and we already did this at Tea Kettle Junction. Today we were able to add our signed dollar bills to hundreds of others at the local Saloon. There we met some interesting folks and had a chance to take a mid afternoon break and have a few laughs. This was followed by a few hours shoot at the ghost town of Rhyolite. We had incredible light and a lot of fun there. The as we were leaving a storm front was coming in and the clouds and light began to dramatically change. I knew where we had to be and we raced off for the other side of the mountain for a view down the valley. We arrived at just the right time to catch the most spectacular sunset. It was just amazing to stand at the top of he valley and see these clouds light up and the valley below. The group was feeling good…the money shot had been captured. We headed back to cocktails and a great dinner together.

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Badwater Dawn

Bad Water Dawn

This has been a non-stop workshop so far. So much to do so little time to do it. Anyone that has been on a PODAS knows that there is lots of photography and then classroom time. Today we started out in Badwater for dawn. This is an amazing salt flats that are 278 below sea level. The sun comes up over one mountain and lights up the other mountain. What was really special here was we were treated to three fly overs of the B2 bomber. Apparently the Air Force was also taking advantage of the great weather doing photo opps over the mountain ridge.