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PODAS Chicago Was Great

Chicago PODAS Group Photo

The Chicago Architectural PODAS workshop has now ended.  It was terrific success and our first venture into something other than landscape photography. On Sunday we closed the worshop with a full day of classroom instruction by Jeffrey Totaro, Chris Barrett and Jeff Schewe.  In addition Niels Knudsen from Phase One gave an advanced Power User program on Capture One and some of its cool features.  Jeff and Chris put on amazing programs.  Jeff Schewe came in and wrapped it up around Photohop doing Pano Stitches and a very cool way of recovering shadows and highlights.  We followed this by dinner and a slide show to music to conclude the event.  The slide show was comprised of attendee images as well as candid shots made during the workshop.  It was a lot of fun to see everyones work in one place.  New friends were made and a lot of knowledge was shared.

We are announcing today a new workshop designed for those interested in Portrait & Fashion photography to be held in the UK in September.  You can learn more here.  Also look for an announcement in the next week of our workshop details for New Zealand this December.  Our Palouse workshop takes place in a couple of weeks and has been sold out for sometime.  We are taking names on a waiting list.


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PODAS Chicago Saturday

Trump Tower - Chicago at sunrise

PODAS Chicago is moving fast.  Hard to make posting to the blog as we are going npn-stop. Day two and we are off to do interior photography at the Fireman’s Fund insurance offices. This is a great space as you can see in the images below. The space is large and has a fire truck in the middle.  we broke up into two groups and Jeff Totaro took one group and Chris Barrett took another group.  It was amazing to see how they picked angles and approached the shot.  More amazing was watching them light the shot.  Everyone participated and the 3.5 hours went very fast.  In the afternoon everyone went out shooting at various locations.  We followed that by a  boat tour of the Chicago architecture and then journeyed out on the lake where we shot some skyline shots.  It was terrific fun and educational day.  Everyone is enjoying themselves and the weather has co-operated the whole time.  Sunday will be classroom day.  Check back tomorrow for the latest update.


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PODAS Chicago Architecture – Day 1

Chicago PODAS Exterior Shoot

PODAS Chicago is running at full power.  Like all PODAS workshops the agenda is packed and we move fast.  Friday’s workshop began at 4:30AM with a trip to the Shed Aquarium overlook for sunrise over Chicago.  It was an amazing hour or so of beautiful light.  Back to the hotel for a big breakfast and into the vans for the excursion for outdoor – exterior architecture.  We went to several great locations and our instructors Chris Barrett and Jeffrey Totaro helped us understand how to look at and capture large buildings.  The weather was just excellent with crisp skies and great temperatures.  It was back to the hotel for lunch and then an afternoon of photography doing a walk about of the great architecture sights within walking distance of the hotel.  We then headed to a wonderful dinner at Lawry’s Prime Rib, followed by yet another photo excursion to the North Shore where we shot the city skyline at night.  It was full day and everyone had an excellent time.

Saturday will be a full day too with interior shots, a boat cruise and time to work one on one with the instructors.

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PODAS Chicago Has Started

Chicago Bean

PODAS Chicago is underway and off to a great start.  We have a great group assembled.  The workshop began at 3:30 on Thursday and started out with a welcome which consisted of a slide show on Chicago, introductions, review of where and what we will be doing and handing out the IQ cameras being used by the attendees.  We then took a walk out side of our downtown Chicago Hilton hotel and spent a few hour shooting in just magnificent light.  The city was alive with bands and concerts playing close by.  As the sun set the light and clouds opened up a beautiful opportunity to have some real picture taking fun.  All in all it has been a great start.  We begin Friday with a 4:30 departure for sunrise city skylines.  More postings soon.

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Chicago Architecture PODAS Begins

Wacker Drive - Pano, Chicago, IL - Photo By Jeff Schewe

It’s hard to believe that just a little over a month ago we were in Ireland doing a PODAS and last week in China.  Now we are in Chicago to kick off the Man Made Landscape – Chicago Architecture PODAS.  This promises to be an excellent event with top-notch instructors and a great sold out group of attendees.   We have what looks to be an excellent weather forecast with crisp party cloudy skies and temperatures that shouldn’t exceed upper 70’s.  You can’t ask for much better.  We will be visiting a number of locations and doing interior and exterior photography, an architecture walk about in the cit and a boat cruise into the lake to shoot the sky line.  We have both sunrise and night photography scheduled too. We also have one day  of all classroom lectures by some great instructors.  Jeffrey Totaro and Chris Barrett head up our instructor list and Jeff Schewe will be on hand Sunday for a special talk on Photoshop for the architecture shooter.  Stay tuned to the blog for daily images and updates.

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Chicago Architecture PODAS Around The Corner

Chicago PODAS

Beginning on the afternoon of July 14th we kick off another PODAS workshop, this one in Chicago with focus on the Architecture Photography.  I like to think of it as the Man Made Landscape.  We have two great instructors on the is workshop Chris Barrett and Jeffrey Totaro.  We will be in the field shooting for two days and the classroom for one.  Sessions will include exterior and interior photography as well as a walk about capturing the beauty of so many Chicago icons.  We will do sky line shots at dawn and dusk and some other activities.  You can follow us on this adventure here at the PODAS Blog.

We will be launching a very special Fashion – portraiture workshop with two of the worlds outstanding and dynamic shooters of today.  This workshop will take place in UK and we have rented a magnificent estate where we will stay eat and work for an intensive 4 day workshop.  More on this in the very near future.