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Parting is such sweet sorrow

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Well… our last day in Scotland as a group was met with the worst of the worst weather.  The forecast was for wind and rain but the mention of “gale” in regard to the wind put us off a bit for any mountainside adventures.  It would of course be heartbreaking to see a camera take a tumble off a tripod in Gale Force winds, but even more so we had to think of everyone’s safety.  So, it was decided by our enlightened leaders that we would indeed spend the day buried in our laptops and sip hot coffee from the comfort of our meeting room.

The morning began early enough with the wind howling outside the window.  Joe Cornish started us off with an incredibly enthralling presentation of his work and attitude towards approaching photography.  It was just the inspiration everyone needed before burying their heads in their computers to start editing their photos from the week.  With a little help from Steve Gosling and Kevin, the photo’s steadily emerged and the results were quite impressive.

When everyones attention span began to wain and our stomachs started to grumble we sat down for slow and steady lunch at the Hotel.  A welcome change from our standard pack lunches on the road.  A hot bowl of soup and warm sandwich were just what everyone needed.

Well fed and well rested, Steve Gosling took the helm of our classroom and walked us through his visions for photography.  Focusing heavily on emotion and reflection, Steve’s images and summations from various artists quotes really lit the fire once more for our guests and after wrapping up a few hours later we were all back to image editing with new perspectives and editing approaches in our toolbox.  Once again, Joe, Steve and Kevin lent a hand to help focus everyone’s vision… and that’s when the tables were turned.

Since we had the time and still had the enthusiasm, we ended the evening before our last dinner with a bit of a Critique.  Each participant provided two of their best files, in their RAW state, to the instructors.  The panel of Joe, Steve and Kevin set to work in front of the class sharing their approach to editing and drawing out the heart behind each image.  It was quite the eye opening experience for everyone as each of our instructors offered their own unique perspective.  Whether the files were “Raberized” by Kevin, “Gossled” by Steve, or coaxed under the discerning method of Mr. Cornish (Cornished?), the results were absolutely stunning.

With the group satisfied with all they’d learned and their artistic education quota filled, we thought it best to open a few bottles of wine and sit down for an eventful dinner.  And boy was it eventful!

Our fearless leaders, in the true nature of PODAS, decided to have a bit of fun and don some rather unique head gear for dinner.  Perhaps they had a few too many drams but regardless of the impulses source, we all had a good laugh and filled our phones with what will likely be some entertaining contact profile pictures down the road.  But the night didn’t end there, as Kevin has gone on and on this trip about his search for a Scottish fairy in the Isle of Skye, Steve took it upon himself to ensure he didn’t leave disappointed.  With a little sweet talking from the staff, Steve was able to convince our server to give Kevin his meal dressed as what else but a fairy!  She certainly was a good sport!

With the antics out of the way, the Camera equipment hesitantly returned, and the bar bill growing we all decided to say farewell.  A healthy nights sleep was what everyone needed after such an eventful trip before we all hit the road in the morning to catch our flights in Inverness.

Below are a few more highlights from the fun-filled trip and until next time, thanks for following along.

We hope you can join our next PODAS event!

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