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Day Four – Be Careful what you wish for….

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Well, after three days of slogging it through the rain and wind, wishing all the while we had bright, warm, sunny skies, we finally got one.  And as a result, all we wanted was to have a cloud or two in the sky.  Oh well.

We headed out early today after breakfast (Pancakes again!) and just took a quick trip down the road to check for some Panorama’s of the Cuilin mountains at Silgachan.  Since it was the first time that we could actually see the mountains in their entirety it seemed important to spend some time trying to get them properly photographed.  The light, while beautiful, was quite intense so we fought through it with as many ND filters as we could find.  With the sky showing no signs of a passing cloud, we decided to hit the road west.

We headed to the furthest western point on Skye and settled, appropriately, in Neist for a few hours of Cliffside photography and lunch.  Typically this point has a mean reputation of harsh weather and vicious winds, but today it was as calm and sunny as any oceanside getaway.  We took our time and made sure the Lighthouse was captured from every conceivable angle.

As the Sun began to show signs of its decent we packed up the vans and headed towards Glen Brittle for some evening light on the Fairy Pools.  It was a long hike late in the day and sadly, not everyone decided to make the full trek into the ravine.  There were plenty of smaller waterfalls and mountain vistas along the way so everyone came away happy, but those of us that hiked all the way in were treated with some beautiful shots of the falls and small gorges.  Quite remarkable.

As you can see from the pictures, Steve and Joe were on hand to help make sure we all got the most of the locations.  And clearly some of us (Bill mostly) were quite dedicated and went to any length to get the shot!

We’ve got plenty of Class Time tomorrow to finally edit all of these masterpieces, as well as get an in-depth review from Steve Gosling and Joe Cornish about how our work measures up.  A well needed day to sip coffee and sit behind our computers is entirely welcome.

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