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Day Three – OMG, we got some sunshine!!!

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Well… the day started with the rain pelting the hotel windows so we were less then enthusiastic about putting on the barely dried rain gear and heading out.  We took a rather lengthy breakfast (the hotel has Pancakes!!!) and then Mr. Cornish entertained us with the start of an inspiring presentation.  Just as we were enthralled with his images, the weather broke and we could see the sun so we headed out for the day to make the most of it.

Our first location had us head southeast through the weather we were hoping to avoid, but just as we had given up on our enthusiastic retreat from the comfort of the hotel the rain let up and the sun shined through.

We had nearly two hours of sun and clouds at Cill Chriosd where there are some rather impressive ruins of an old church yard.  Not to mention the shallow Loch just down the road.  After a quick lunch in our impromptu parking lot, we headed further down the road to Elgol where we braved a rather persistent light rain and held out until sunset.  Hiking the slippery and rocky shore was well worth the effort as the rain subsided and provided quite an impressive rainbow. The sunset certainly didn’t disappoint and we even made some friends with the local fisherman and our resident Russian, Anton, treated us to a dozen rock crabs for tomorrows dinner… quite a full day and as always, a great photographic adventure.

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One thought on “Day Three – OMG, we got some sunshine!!!

  1. If you’re there with Anton you’ll have a lot of laughs and a great time.

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