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This Was The Morning

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Kings Cascade, with the True North

Kings Cascade, with the True North

So what did you do this morning?  On this PODAS workshop during the morning of June 4th we woke up for a sunrise shoot as the True North cruised the Prince Regent River.  We had coffee then Eggs Benedict on the bow of the ship.  Then we turned a corner and saw this amazing waterfall the King Cascade.  The Captain then drove the boat into the falls and anyone that wanted to and there were a number of hearty souls were able to take a falls shower.  Of course we had the Phase One cameras and waterproof housing as well as a lot of people taking photos of us.  It was a blast.  Then we got into the tenders and some people climbed to the top of the waterfalls and others went ashore to shoot the  a distance and some of us went crocodile hunting (photography wise).  That was followed by morning tea with tasty scones.  Then some went on the helicopter to shoot rock art, and some went fishing.  And, all of this was before lunch.  What an incredible trip so far.  What amazing images all of us are getting.  Lots of fun.  And now it is lunch time.

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