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PODAS Tuscany Was Quite The Adventure

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The PODAS Tuscany 2013 Group Photo

The PODAS Tuscany 2013 Group Photo

Sorry for the delay in posting our final post from the Tuscany PODAS workshop.  Lots going on.  We had a terrific workshop and saw a lot of Tuscany.  We spent time in the countryside shooting broad landscapes and then shooting in villages capturing the essence of the people and community.  We had a terrific day in Sienna too.  This was a group made up of photographers from Israel, Germany, Canada, US, UK, Russia, India, Spain and UK.  It amazes me on these workshops that the passion of photography can bridge and differences between countries.  We could not have done this workshop without Art Wolfe and Hans Kruse our instructors.  Art Wolfe mad several presentations that inspired us to see differently.  On the last night we did a slide show with everyone’s images and you could see the influence that Art had.  Art will be with us in a few weeks when we embark on the Kimberley PODAS adventure in Australia.  I hope you enjoy these images.  We should have the 2014 workshops posted by mid-summer.


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