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The IQ260 Performs

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Before and After of the Ice Cave Image, shot in Iceland with the IQ260

Before and After of the Ice Cave Image, shot in Iceland with the IQ260

I recently returned from a workshop in Iceland.  I took the IQ260 with me and was using it the whole trip.  One of the places we visited was an ice cave under a glacier.  While this was avery cool and dangerous place to visit, it presented a prefect test ground for the IQ260 long exposure.  Above is the before and after images taken with the 260.  I did a 12 minute exposure and the resulting image not to mention the histogram looked like it was going to be an image I would throw away.  Well, I knew the back had the dynamic range but wasn’t sure how much it had in regards to showing detail  I also knew Capture One 7.1.1. had the potential to pull good shadow detail in the highlight – shadow recovery tool.  I set out and worked the tools and sliders until I was able to make the image shown on the right.  I also used local adjustments to paint in a bit more detail at the bottom of the image and the color image to enhance the blue tone of the ice.  I know others tried this shot with a DSLR, but no one was able to pull what I did from this image.  If there is one thing I like to do, and that is to push gear to its limits.  The IQ260 didn’t let me down, and Capture One delivered on the final image.

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