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PODAS New Zealand Our First Night

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Sunset from Deer Park, Queenstown, New Zealand

Sunset from Deer Park, Queenstown, New Zealand

The PODAS New Zealand workshop started as all our workshops do at full speed.  We have a jammed packed week planned and we will be doing helicopters, boast and much more to get to some of the amazing places we have planned to photograph.  All the attendees for the workshop arrived and received their cameras and gear for the week.  We had an orientation and introduction and dinner.  then we headed out to a mountain top overlooking Queenstown.  The peak known as Deer Park has been used in the Lord of The Rings movies.  The sunset was setting and all of a sudden we had this beautiful burst of color yielding an amazing sunset.  We ail try to keep you up to date on all our activities as the week progresses.

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One thought on “PODAS New Zealand Our First Night

  1. Between the scenerry and the equipment I’m sure everyone will have a lot to boast about. Not sure about it as a method of transport, but it did provide a laugh… 😉


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