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New Zealand PODAS Day 2

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Sky On Fire, Queenstown, New Zealand

Sky On Fire, Queenstown, New Zealand

I am not sure how you describe the light that we have been blessed with so far on this PODAS.  Once in a while you get a good sunrise or sunset.  So far every session we have been out on has provided us the most incredible light I have worked in for quite some time.  You know you are on the light when attendees of the workshop are cheering.  Our morning sunrise was at a pass not too far outside of Queenstown called Skippers.  Just absolutely amazing clouds and layers and color.  We then had classroom sessions with a very inspirational program by Jackie Rankin and in the afternoon we did a Capture One 7 session with Kevin Raber.  After our classroom sessions we headed off to the Skyline on top of the big mountain in Queenstown.  We enjoyed cocktails and dinner.  As we ate we watched a storm go by and thought we might miss the sunset.  But, low and behold in one hour the whole place changed to the most incredible clouds and color you could ever imagine.  Literally the sky was on fire.  And, we even had rainbows.  New Zealand is turning out to be an amazing place and attendees are getting some astounding images.  we have several more days of shooting.  Check back to see more.

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