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Iceland 2012

Iceland 2012

Every year we have hundreds of attendees that have attended the PODAS workshops.  We also have quite a few attendees that have been to more than one workshop and a large size group that have been to more than five workshops. We are very proud of this fact. Our goal since starting PODAS was to make a workshop with the best experience possible and we believe we have accomplished this many times over. However, the ebst way to measure something is to see it from the viewpoint of an attendee themselves. Morton Salomonsen recently wrote an article for his blog that describes his experiences at PODAS and with the Phase One cameras provided to attendees at a PODAS. I invite you to see what Morten has to say. More than anything else I invite you join myself and the Phase One team as well as some of our superb instructors on an upcoming workshop in 2013. Details can be found HERE.

You can rwd about Morten;s experience at PODAS – How It All Started and at PODAS Iceland 2012


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