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Day 2 Monument Valley PODAS

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Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley – November 6, 2012

The internet is still painfully slow so I am forced to wait until we get to Page tomorrow to put up images of the workshop in action. I can tell you though that we have had a day of adventure. We shot sunrise for the second time. It’s quite the sight to be in the valley and next to these great rock formations when the sun rises. But, our highlight came when we headed to Hunts Mesa. This is an amazing overlook that few people get to visit. The trek there is over two hours through sand and steep rock faces. We drove out in 4 4WD large vehicles. Our Navajo Indian guides drove expertly over some unbelievable terrain. Wait until you see the images. It was all worth it when we crested the top to see this amazing view. Kind of one of those oh my gosh moments. We had the chance to roam this mesa and shoot sunset which is what the shot above is. Then we got to drive down an equally insane track in the dark. You can’t get a ride like we had even at an amusement park. All in all it was a super day.  Everyone walked off with images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Tomorrow we head to Page, AZ where we will be shooting the slot canyons for the next few days.

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One thought on “Day 2 Monument Valley PODAS

  1. We were there while your van and your photographers shooting images at sunset…My wife and I were right there on the right of your people, at the same spot in one sunset day. Found that the view on top of the parking lot after sunset was to my preference, however…

    Take a look at my website for a few of these images. BTW your software Capture One is a great software…the only thing is that it is mostly tailored to your hardware specifically the lens corrections…even though I know that I can tweak it manually, but….

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