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Glenfinnan‑Viaduct – Scotland

PODAS has been going full speed since Monday. Usually in Scotland you can expect dull grey weather with a good possibility that out of 5 days you’ll have at least two with rain. Well the luck of pODAS held true this time and we had 5 days of the most amazing weather and light that you could ask for. From colorful sunsets to amazing morning light on Friday. The images being made by everyone are incredible and I will do my best to eventually put a gallery up of attendee images. I’ll also post a group shot in the next 24 hours.  PODAS is working and growing. We had at least half of the attendees as returning PODAS alumni. Some have been to 5 PODAS workshops. We start another PODAS workshop in less than a week. Be sure to check back and visit us as we tour Monument Valley and the Slot Canyons.

The image today was made with an IQ 180 of the Glenfinnan‑Viaduct – Scotland.

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