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New Workshop Coming – Monuments & Canyons

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Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

Wow, so much happening.  We start our Iceland PODAS in a week.  What I am really excited about is USA workshop in Monument Valley and Page, AZ.  This will be a unique two part workshop.  We;ll begin in Monument Valley.  This a most spectacular location with giant vistas and when the light and clouds are like it is just amazing.   What makes this special is we have sources and we will be taking attendees to places in the valley others can’t get to or visit.  This will be for two days in addition to the loop road and some classroom time.  we go from there to Page, AZ where we will spend the next three days shooting slot canyons, and vistas of lake Powell and the not too miss Horseshoe Bend.    We hope to have all the details soon.  You can visit our workshop page CLICK HERE and sign up to be notified if you are interested.  The image above was done in Upper Antelope Canyon.  I’ll post a gallery when I get back to the office so you can get an idea of what to expect.  Shot with an IQ180, the detail is amazing and the wide dynamic range allows you to capture the finest details in highlights and shadows.  More to come soon.

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