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Still So Much To Do and See

Glacial Lagoon of Jokulsarlon

We made it to Skaftafell with a few stops along the way.  We enjoyed a dinner and we left for sunset at the Glacial Lagoon of Jokulsarlon.  We spent hours there as the sun set finally at 11:20PM.  Then we waited for sunrise that we eventually skipped due to weather that moved in.  No one complained as they caught up on some much needed sleep.  This is a PODAS and sleep is optional.  We did a Capture One tutorial seesion this morning folloed by lunch and time to work on images. This afternoon we will head out to shoot Glaciers and waterfalls.  This will be followed by dinner and an early night to bed as we head out at 2:45 AM to shoot icebergs on the beach.  We did a Capture One session today and we saw the images being created on this trip by the attendees and they are very good.  Below and above are some of the images of attendees and places we visited.

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Iceland PODAS – Adventure Continues

Seljalandsfoss falls, Iceland

After a day of gale force winds and rain the weather cleared and we got into the photography part of this Iceland PODAS at 150%.  We were on the rode Sunday at 2AM, yes 2AM and we didn’t stop until 11PM that night.  We covered a lot of ground.  We explored and photographed the coastline of Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  There was a black church with a sunrise behind it, a small fishing village, spectacular coastline and more.  We then moved onward towards Hvolsvollur where will stay one night.  In the evening we explored Seljalandsfoss falls.  On Monday we will explore the coastline near Vik and Dyrholaey and then head towards Skaftafell where we will spend the next three days.  Today as we head out we are expecting to be photographing way into the next morning as we do sunset and sunrise at the Glacial Lagoon and beach at Jokulsarlon.  In the coming days we have more waterfalls and spectacular mountain settings to photograph.  We will also be doing some more classroom lectures.  As with all PODAS workshops the agenda is packed and non-stop.

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On Our Way To Stykkisholmur

Hraunfossar Barnafoss – waterfalls that flow from a lava field

We awoke to a mixed bag of weather typical Iceland style.  After loading the vehicles we began our journey to Stykkisholmur which is a peninsula in Iceland.  We will be expiring this area for the next few days before heading south.  On the way we visited an amazing set of waterfalls that for the most part flow out and from a lava field.  The area is know as Hraunfossar Barnafoss. After spending a time there we continued our journey and the weather turned into gael force winds.  We battled these winds all the way to the hotel.  We will be exploring the coastline and a small glacier today.  After dinner last evening Peter Eastway kicked off the lecture part with a stimulating program with his photography and what you can do to make an image better.

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PODAS Iceland Underway

The PODAS Iceland gear has arrived

Our first day of an 8 day PODAS is over and we are ready to hit the found running full speed ahead.  We have become a lot more efficient getting gear to PODAS workshops as you can see in the photo above.  We’re kind of like a rock band on tour with cases and gear all divided out in easy to reach and use fashion.  After an intro and super dinner at the Iceland Hilton, we took off for our first shoot at a park not too far away.   This is our chance to help attendees do the set ups to the cameras they are using and make sure everyones gear is working OK.  Today (Friday) we head off for a few hour drive to the town of Stykkisholmur on the northern side of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  We will spend two days here photographing coastline and a glacier.  Check back soon for more images.  We will make posts as often as we can based on time and a good internet connection.

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Sign Up Now For Scotland

Dumore Head, Scotland, Image By Steve Gosling

Scotland, a country that a lot of people especially photographers visit.  However this is a very rich landscape for the passionate landscape photographers.  Phase One’s PODAS workshops will be visiting Scotland in October (October 1 – 7 2012).  With Instructors Steve Gosling and Peter Cox we will explore the many great spots to shoot and you’ll learn some new techniques by these two excellent landscape photographers.  You’ll shoot with an IQ160 camera system during the workshop.  You’ll see why big pixels and a bigger sensor make a real difference.  You’ll have all your needs taken care of.  All you need to do is get to Scotland.  Check out our web site for details by CLICKING HERE.

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Art Wolfe Lecture Series

Dogwoods and Douglas Fir – Image By Art Wolfe

Join me this Sunday in Chicago for Art Wolfe’s – The Art of Composition (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS).  Art is not only a close friend but one of this country’s most recognized landscape and nature photographers.   His work is so inspiring that there is no way you can leave his lectures not wanting to pick up your camera and head out to the wilderness.  The lecture series now touring the US and soon Europe is a chance to share in Art’s adventures and learn how to improve the craft of photography.

Art has been shooting with a Phase One system for a while now.  He has created a new body of work that is so creative and incredibly inspiring it is hard to define.  You’ll get a chance to see some of the amazing images from this new body of work as well as many form his various photographic adventures from around the world.  If you are in the Chicago area or any of the other areas shown on HERE I can only say don’t miss this.

I hope to see you there – Kevin Raber – VP Phase One PODAS Workshops

For details about the Chicago location CLICK HERE

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Mark Your Calendars

One of the many shots to be had in Monument Valley

Plans for the PODAS in Monument Valley and the Slot Canyons is shaping up.  The dates will be November 3 – 9th, 2012.  Tentative plans are for attendees to be picked up at Flagstaff airport no later than noon on the 3rd.  You’ll be driven in PODAS vans to Monument Valley and will be staying at the View hotel.  We will do a welcome and shot the sunset.  The next morning will be sunrise shoot and photography in the Monument Valley area.  we will have access to areas most people don’t visit so your images will be different and amazing.  We will do another sunrise and more photography with a classroom session on Monday.  Tuesday sees us heading to Page, AZ to shoot the sights there.  we will be staying at a Marriott Hotel there and will be doing some local spots like Horseshoe bend, Lake Powell scenics, and more.  the highlight though will be some very special shooting excursions into the slot canyons.  We will do both upper and lower Antelope canyon plus about 4 others that are special access only.  We will also have a few classroom sessions and time to work on your images thrown in.  More details will be announced soon.  While anyone can go visit these areas, not everyone can see what we will be seeing, much less photograph with the best gear in the world.  As with all PODAS workshops we will have top notch instructors, everything is included – meals, singe occupancy rooms, a loaner IQ 160 to use, and much more.  Stay tuned and mark your calendars.