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It Was A Grand PODAS Tuesday

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Church Doorway, San Miguel, Mexico

This PODAS is different from other PODAS workshops. There are no 4AM wake-up calls to rush out and shoot sunrises. While I miss that I also have to say that this is a different PODAS in regards to the focus of the photography we are doing.  We aren’t shooting the magnificent landscapes like we do in new Zealand, Iceland and else where. We are photographing the culture and elements that make up this part of Mexico. Today we headed out and shot an area with Cactus, a=canyons and an overlook of San Miguel. This was followed by a lunch at a countryside restaurant and spa. Anyone that knows PODAS workshops knows that you shoot a lot and you eat well. This workshop is no exception. After lunch we had the rare privilege to shoot at the Church Atotonilco. You can see some of the images below. This a most amazing church and truly embodies the Mexican culture and religion. We got a behind the scenes look at places no one else sees. There was a Pilgrimage going on with over a thousand men while we were there and we got to see and photograph this amazing event. After a few wonderful hours here we shot some other local locations and returned to the hotel for image downloading and a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant featuring excellent Mexican fare. So, it was a long day. Tomorrow we head out to an old silver mining town where we have special permission to visit unique locations. On Thursday we will be doing a full day of classroom work.  So, stay tuned come back and visit us as we continue another excellent PODAS adventure and workshop.

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One thought on “It Was A Grand PODAS Tuesday

  1. Looks like another great time. Wish I was there. Give my best to all the returnees.


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