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The Fun and Great Photography Continues

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Waterfall, Rees Valley, New Zealand

The fun continues. This entry covers the last two days. We have been going non-stop and beginning to feel the effects of four hours of sleep a night. Only two more nights to go. We started out on Saturday with a great sunrise with all sorts of nice color. From there we went out and explored Rees Valley where we got some splendid shots of mountain views, rushing creeks, waterfalls and old homes. Then that evening after dinner, Mike Langford presented a program on his photography. Mike’s is well known in New Zealand and his style and approach refreshing.

On Sunday we packed the vans and headed to Mount Cook, with many photo stops along the way. Our new hotel The Hermitage offers a magnificent view of Mt. Cook from every hotel room. We did sunrises, glacier and ice berg tours and heard a great program by Christian Fletcher today. Christian’s work is just magnificent and he is a master of Capture One and Photoshop and shared many of his great ideas. Our spare time has been spent working on Images for the final slide show and spending one on one time with the instructors.

Bottom line is we are having a super time.

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One thought on “The Fun and Great Photography Continues

  1. Who needs to go to Antarctica when you’ve ice and glaciers like this?! Too bad I had to replace the house roof, otherwise I’d be there. Man, I hate to see all that I’m missing, but I love to look at it anyway!

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