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Day Two PODAS New Zealand

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View From Bennets Bluff, New Zealand

My apologies for being a bit behind. We have been operating on a very busy schedule and there were no more hours left in the last few days to do the blog. So, this entry should help get things caught up. More later.

Our first full day was just that. We awoke early and we were on the road by 5AM for a sunrise session at Dear Park which was on of the set areas for Lord Of The Rings. The light was gorgeous and we had a number of different options for angles and shots. This was followed after returning to the hotel with a breakfast and then a very interesting and creative program by Jackie Ranken on of our instructors on this trip. Jackie has a keen eye and sees things differently and her images prove what thinking differently can do for your photography. Jackie is also very involved in the field helping everyone. She is a super high energy person and we enjoyed her program tremendously. We had a great lunch at the Hilton hotel we are staying in. And, speaking of the Hilton, we have terrific accommodations and the rooms are great. Good spot to retreat to after a day of shooting. PODAS believes in doing things first class. The afternoon session brought Kevin Raber, of Phase One doing a Capture One program and helping everyone realize the potential of their images. And, after a super dinner we were off again for a sunset shoot at Bennett’s bluff (see above image). All in all a terrific day and it will only get better. Check back later fro day three blog.

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