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New Zealand PODAS Kicks Off


Day One sunset, New Zealand

The PODAS workshop in New Zealand began on Wednesday and kicked off at full steam. With 23 attendees, 4 instructors and 4 Phase One team members this promises to be a big PODAS. The photo excursions and lectures are going to be some of the best we have offered. We started out at 4PM with the official welcome followed by dinner and then a drive to a very special location for sunset.  The pictures should speak for themselves as you see everyone photographing a wonderful sunset. It’s amazing to see how quickly everyone has picked up the use of an IQ160 camera system. On Thursday afternoon we will import the images into Capture One and have the first chance to see the high image quality that the IQ digital backs deliver. We will be going strong for seven days and will do our best to keep up with the posting. It is a jam packed agenda though so spare time will be minimal. We are staying for the next few days at the Hilton in New Zealand which is a beautiful location. As with everything Phase One does there are no compromises as to how we like to treat our attendees at workshops.

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2 thoughts on “New Zealand PODAS Kicks Off

  1. Kevin, et al.

    Looks like you guys all had a great first day, if a tad windy. I look forward to seeing what you have in store today.

  2. Giving Christian $2.5M of camera gear to supervise is no problem, but giving him a vehicle and a walkie-talkie – that could get out of hand. Watch out he doesn’t start convoy.

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