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Less Than A Day

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Ulf checks out the camera systems for PODAS

In less than 24 hours we kick off the New Zealand Adventure PODAS.  One of the main items that makes PODAS special is that everyone gets a Phase One IQ 160 camera system to use. There is not another company anywhere that dedicates itself to offering workshops like Phase One does or offers everyone a state of the art medium format camera system. As you can see in these images there is a lot of gear that arrives at a location. Ulf Liljergen manager of the Phase One worldwide support is shown prepping the cameras for the 24 attendees of the New Zealand PODAS. This is no small feat and you can see Ulf above logging in, checking each system and preparing them for the workshop.

The Gear Has Arrived

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PODAS Manager

One thought on “Less Than A Day

  1. If you guys ever need a sherpa, give me a ring!

    Give Christian a hard time for me – he is so excited about this NZ PODAS he is jumping out of his skin!


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