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First Ever Chinese PODAS Begins

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Sunrise - Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, CA

Today we are coming to you from Death Valley. Yesterday a contingent of Chinese photographers arrived in the USA for a PODAS workshop adventure in Death Valley. I was not sure how this would work but I can say without question that we are off to a fantastic start. Today we left the hotel at 5:00 AM for a sunrise shoot at Zabriskie Poi. Images were excellent and everyone braved the morning cold to shoot some great images. Sunrise and sunset in Death Valley is always something special. After a hearty American breakfast we boarded two special four wheel drive vehicles and headed to the Race Track a remote part of Death Valley that not too many people visit. This mazing place has moving rocks. See the images below and you can see these rocks move and leave tracks where they have moved from.  All a big mystery but as you can see provided us with a lot of great images. After we exhausted the image possibilities there we headed to do our ceremonial placing of the tea pot at Tea Kettle Junction. We also did our group shot here and we will publish the group shot on Thursday. From there we made two more stops before photographing a magnificent sunset where the sun hit the mountains as a nearly full moon rose behind. Oh what a day!!! After arriving back at the resort we all enjoyed a great dinner together filled with toasts and lots of laughs. Not even differences in languages can hamper things when everyone has a passion for photography. It was just simply a great day!!!!!

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