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PODAS FAshion & Portrait UK – Continues

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PODAS attendee Brent McCombs shot this at the Fashion & Portrait Workshop

Day 3 of our fashion PODAS kicked off with breakfast before the groups set off again to take some truly great shots around the house and gardens.

Today the groups changed instructors, the group that shot with Natalie yesterday going with Drew, and vice versa.

In the morning both groups started inside the house. Natalie’s group set up a shot in the main entrance hall of the house (even the hallway provides a stunning location!) and created several different set-ups with their three models. Today the make-up was very different to yesterday’s – a very contemporary feel compared to the classic feel before.

Drew and his group used the entire morning session to create an epic shot on the main staircase and atrium. Over a couple of hours the lighting was built up bit by bit with the Profoto flash lighting we are using for the workshop. With the Schneider leaf shutter lenses on the 645DF cameras and V-Grips we are able to sync wirelessly with the Profoto Air packs up to 1/1600th which provides total freedom with many of the sets.

After a short lunch, Natalie’s group headed straight off to the old church in the grounds of Weston Park. Here they were able to make several sets and produce some truly original images.

Drew’s group started in the house before heading back to the ornamental garden to create another large set with six flash heads. They took the shots from one of the bedrooms on the second floor looking down and used the high flash sync capability to control the ambient light.

At the end of the shoots we were all sad to see the models and makeup artists leave the house, all wishing we could keep them for longer to explore the many areas of the house and gardens where we have not had the opportunity to shoot.

All in all it was a very long and busy day of great photography, and by the time we sat down for dinner that evening everybody was feeling very tired. After dinner Drew revived the group with an entertaining and amusing presentation of his work and philosophy.

This was another fantastic day of shooting and learning.

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