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The Fashion & Portrait Workshop Is Underway

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Natalie Dybisz (Miss Aniela) Preps for a shot - by Matt Lennard/Miss Aniela

The PODAS Fashion & Portrait workshop being held in Birmingham UK is underway. This unique workshop has gone where no others have ventured. A top notch set of instructors, Natalie Dybisz (Miss Aniela) and Drew Gardner and the Phase One team have rented an estate house Weston Park for the duration of the workshop. The attendees and staff work, shoot, dine and sleep at this amazing location. We have 6 models and 2 stylists and period costumes. Each attendee has their own IQ 160 camera system and will have plenty of one on one time with the instructors. Photography and lectures are mixed so that the attendees can take home a true finished product and new found knowledge. Follow the workshop right here over the coming days.

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One thought on “The Fashion & Portrait Workshop Is Underway

  1. fashoin , design and style shown in picture are really good.

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