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PODAS Palouse Is Over

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The August 2011 PODAS workshop

We had a totally excellent adventure in the Plaouse. As you can see from previous posts there was lot of excellent photography, lots of fun and a ton of learning. Our group as you can see from the above images was a large happy one. Not too many workshops can pull off what PODAS does. It’s a team effort on behalf of the instructors, Phase One staff and most of all the attendees. There has probally never been this many Phase One DF cameras and IQ backs ever assembled in one place. In the near future we will post a gellery of images made in thePalouse by everyone. For now there are a lot of very tired people heading home to a massive job of editing their images from this trip.

We have some great workshops coming up. There is a Fashion & Portrait workshop in a little over a week in Birmingham UK, a landscape workshop in November for Chinese and finally our big New Zealand trip November 30th.

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One thought on “PODAS Palouse Is Over

  1. From a wet The Netherlands is was a real pleasure to follow the workshop.
    Great pictures from the palouse.
    And ………… Kevin, don’t forget to try a smile when a picture is taken -:)

    Peter Verburg

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