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It’s Thursday and We Are Shooting Pictures and Learning

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Sunrise Thursday Morning

On Thursday morning we were off to sunrise shoot at 4:45 AM. Sleep is optional at PODAS workshops as we will shoot sunrises each morning. Today the sunrise was spectacular. We have five vans to transport attendees and each van went to different spots and each came back with beautiful images. Our instructors, Michael Reichmann, Mark Dubovoy, Art Wolfe and Jeff Schewe rotate through out the different vans during the workshop giving attendees a chance to learn from each of these great teachers. The sky and clouds with a distant thunderstorm on the horizon made this an amazing adventure. After breakfast we heard a program on Capture One presented by Kevin Raber and an amazing program on digital technology by Claus Molgaard. An afternoon program by Michael Reichmann was followed by an afternoon of shooting and then sunset shoot.

This is an amazing workshop. Imagine 28 people exploring one of the more picaresque areas of America with the finest camera systems there is taking the most amazing images and learning from four of the best and most talented landscape photographers there is today.

As all PODAS workshops the agenda is non-stop and the photography and learning is top drawer. Stay tuned for more soon.

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