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PODAS Chicago Architecture – Day 1

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Chicago PODAS Exterior Shoot

PODAS Chicago is running at full power.  Like all PODAS workshops the agenda is packed and we move fast.  Friday’s workshop began at 4:30AM with a trip to the Shed Aquarium overlook for sunrise over Chicago.  It was an amazing hour or so of beautiful light.  Back to the hotel for a big breakfast and into the vans for the excursion for outdoor – exterior architecture.  We went to several great locations and our instructors Chris Barrett and Jeffrey Totaro helped us understand how to look at and capture large buildings.  The weather was just excellent with crisp skies and great temperatures.  It was back to the hotel for lunch and then an afternoon of photography doing a walk about of the great architecture sights within walking distance of the hotel.  We then headed to a wonderful dinner at Lawry’s Prime Rib, followed by yet another photo excursion to the North Shore where we shot the city skyline at night.  It was full day and everyone had an excellent time.

Saturday will be a full day too with interior shots, a boat cruise and time to work one on one with the instructors.

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