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It’s Thursday In Ireland

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Slea Head, Ireland

Thursday, the week is moving way to fast and we’re feeling like the walking dead, but everyone keeps going.  Working on only a few hours asleep again we are on our way for a spectacular full day of photography.  We travel the peninsula of dingle, Ireland on roads that aren’t wide enough for cars, carved into hillsides with long drops to the sea.  But oh are we getting some got shots.  We worked several locations until around 1:30 and took a break for lunch.  We then visited an abandoned house and school house where we had a lot of fun shooting.  We know why the school was abandoned – because it sat on top of a large overlook of the sea.  What kid could ever learn anything when he would look out the windows of the school and see such a gorgeous scene.  We eventually worked our way back to town, ate dinner at a nice local seafood restaurant and then went out for a sunset shoot.  While the day was beautiful our sunset shoot was typical Ireland.  The clouds and rain returned but we also had a sunset.  Kind of like the weather gods throw everything they have at you in one hour.  Never the less we all came back with some stunning shots.  We will slow it down on Friday and do classroom time on Capture One and a program called “Now That You Got It What Do You Do With It”.  Check back tomorrow for coverage of our last day.

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One thought on “It’s Thursday In Ireland

  1. Kevin:
    Thanks for all these postings. Almost felt as if I was there. Certainly getting me excited for Chicago.

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