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PODAS Ireland Monday’s Adventure

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Farm Wall in Bridia Valley, Ireland

The PODAS workshop once again is a non-stop agenda and Monday was no exception.  We were up and out of the hotel by 4 AM and out to shoot at Ladies View (yesterday’s Blog photo).  We came back and had a hearty breakfast and then spent the morning right up until lunchtime doing a Capture One power users program.  After lunch and a short break we were off to Peter Cox’s Gallery right in town.  Peter is one of our instructors and our primary guide for the workshop.  Peter gave his lecture on photography at the gallery with the backdrop of many of his great images.  We returned to the hotel in time for dinner and shortly after dinner we headed out for our sunset shoot.  The location of this shoot was Bridia Valley.  Getting anywhere in Ireland is an interesting task.  The folks that designed the roads did not think about how wide vans and cars are.  The roads are narrow and in many cases one lane.  It makes things fun.  So we wove and drove on some crazy curvy road until we arrived at this beautiful valley where we spent the evening shooting until dark. So, we deal with roads, but what is really interesting is seeing and more than that driving what passes for a so called van.  It’s like a shoe box with 4 wheels.  Getting home was another adventure because now we had to drive these roads in the dark.  Never the less we arrived back at the hotel by 11:30PM.  It was off to bed, because the wake up call was 3:30AM with a 4 AM departure to our Tuesday sunrise shoot.   Check back later for more entries and photos of our Ireland PODAS Adventure.  Everyone is having a good time and taking some very nice images.

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One thought on “PODAS Ireland Monday’s Adventure

  1. Unsettled weather and crazy roads, I wonder what Peter has in store for you next. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a Landscape Photograpger in Ireland. Hope you enjoy the rest of your workshop here.

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