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Announcing The PODAS Winner

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Tara Hartnett - PODAS Workshop WinnerAt the PhotoPlus Expo recently held in NYC, we ran a special promotion where anyone purchasing a version of Capture One would be eligible for a fully paid tutiton to a PODAS (Phase One Digital Artist Series) workshop.

We are happy to announce the winner of a PODAS workshop:

Tara Hartnett from Whitefield, New Hampshire.

We look forward to welcoming Tara to one of our PODAS workshops in 2011.

PODAS will be hosting a series of workshops in 2011 held around the world where photographers can attend to learn more about medium format – high resolution photography. These workshops are all-inclusive and includes everything except transportation fees to get there. Each attendee is provided a Phase One P 65+ digital camera system during the workshop.

At this moment we are finalizing our exotic destinations for 2011. Stay updated from the links below.

We hope to see you to one of our PODAS workshops this year!

Tara Hartnett is the Studio Manager for Garnett Hill Inc. and has been involved in the company’s creative department for the past seven years. She works closely with photographers, and pre-press departments to be sure they continually stay on top of the ever-changing technology and produce the best photographs possible.

Tara spends much of her time enjoying the outdoors. A passion for photography has lead to a desire to continually seek a new perspective through the lens. Whether it be on the open water or on a mountain top, the adventure of new visions brings joy and thrill to each day.

Tara currently shoots with a Canon Digital DSLR, Twin lens Reflex and plastic cameras.


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