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Our Final Day – What A Great Time We Had

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For days now I have been trying to post this last entry for the PODAS Australia blog but there just has been no internet. It’s funny what we take for granted and presume would be so common place.

The final day like all others on our adventure started out with an early sunrise shoot at Ayers Rock. Once again our fantastic bus driver – Mick, has set up a refreshment table for us. After arriving in the parking lot all of us headed out various spots to shoot the rock as the sun rises and lights it up. An amazing sight to see. There were attendees doing long lens and wide angle shots as well as we did a bunch of Achromatic BW shots. Upon arriving back to the parking area we indulged in conversation, coffee, tea and biscuits. A very civilized sunrise shoot.

After returning to the resort the day was getting hot. We enjoyed a breakfast and headed to the meeting room where Jeff Schewe showed us his photography and a number of tricks with Photoshop especially a very cool way to handle pano images as smart objects. Today was a good day for doing classroom stuff as it was 42 degrees equal to about 105 for those Fahrenheit fans. Definitely a stay in the classroom day. In the afternoon our program was an interesting panel discussion with all the instructors about presenting and displaying images. This was great discussion with good interaction from the attendees.

After a bit of free time we gathered for cocktails at what has been traditionally now our closing ceremonies. The cocktails were served on the terrace and as we were enjoying our drinks we were treated to a very rare yet spectacular double rainbow. All of us wishing we were catching this rainbow and the rock. The dinner we had was excellent with a number of toast to new friends and the good times we had. This was followed by a multi-media sow with music with around 400 images candids and landscapes shots from our week together. Then Ken Duncan showed us a very special presentation of a project he did on America.

We finished up and headed off to bed. Tomorrow it is off to the airport for many. In the coming days I’ll post a summary look and comments about the workshop. This was a true adventure. The instructors and attendees gave it their all. We saw a lot of Australia, took great images, had a lot of laughs and made new friends. Mission accomplished.

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One thought on “Our Final Day – What A Great Time We Had

  1. A wonderful experience like no other. Inspirational, if you get the chance to go on a PODAS trip take it. Exceptional value using exceptional equipment.

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