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So Sur-Real Yet So Real

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Ayers Rock - Sunset

Today is a moving day. We packed the support vehicles and boarded the bus for a two hour trip to Alice Springs where we enjoyed a breakfast and some shopping time. It was nice to see civilization, make cell phone calls and check emails. Then it was back on the bus with the final destination of Uluru. This would be a four hour ride but we did have a stop planned along the way.

We took a lunch break at the Stuart Wells Road House, home of the  world famous  Dinki the singing Dingo.  This is another one of those true outback experiences. The owner Bill offers us lunch and while lunch is being prepared he brings out Dinki who is a dingo which is an Australian wild dog. Jim begins this long monologue telling us all about his Dingo – Dinki and how he has become world famous because he sings. Eventually he gets around to asking for a volunteer or more appropriately volunteering someone and he select Elizabeth one of our attendees. Elizabeth is asked to play some keys on the piano and that immediately launches Dinki into a howling (singing) fit. The next thing you know Dinki jumps up on the piano and is banging on keys and howling with Elizabeth. The pictures don’t do it justice but suffice to say the experience was just so sur-real. Everyone enjoyed it though, all of us got some good photos and enjoyed an good lunch.

We were soon back on the road again and arrived at the Ayers Rock Resort where we had a few hours for rest before heading out to shoot the Ayers Rock. After being in the outback for several days we were used to roughing it and the resort is very nice. In addition when we headed over to sunset, we find that there is a table with food and wine and beer set up for us. Now I have to say there is something really civilized about shooting sunset of this beautiful landscape with 20 fellow Phase One shooters enjoying wine and friendship. Ken Duncan being all so resourceful asked some of the local Aboriginal folks that were there to pose for some photos with the rock as a background. These images are just tremendous when viewing the P65 files. All in all it was a great day and many happy attendees.  We headed back to a lovely dinner, and a lot of sharing about and good conversation about our adventure so far.

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