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Ellery Creek Dawn

Our third day began like others. Get up early (real early) and be ready to hit the road by 4:15 AM. Our bus ride took us to another unique gorge called Ellery Creek. A lovely large area with a small river and a lake with large cliff like walls. The group quickly spread out to capture their own images. We worked here for several hours before assembling for a group shot. See next blog entry for the group photo.

A breakfast back at Glen Helen was followed by an exceptional program by Peter Eastway. Peter, like Ken is from Australia and does magnificent photography. Peter presented several inspiring slide shows with music of images he has taken around the world. This was followed with presentations on how he has made these images. Peter’s talk was inspirational and set the bar higher for all of us in regards to what we can accomplish with our images.

We are in Australia in the mid summer. Mid-day is very bright and contrasty, not to mention very hot, so during this time we do classroom sessions. So after lunch and a short break we reconvened for a program on the use of medium format technical cameras. On this trip we have a full kit from APLA with gear and lenses. So, we spent sometime going over how this kind of system could be used.  After this everyone had time to work on their images with help from instructors.

We are going to depart for an evening session at Ormiston Gorge but we were delayed for about half and hour while a very large thunderstorm passed over. Torrential rains and winds lashed at us for about half an hour. After the storm passed we left or Ormiston and had a wonderful time shooting the many areas the gorge has to offer. It was dark before we left to return to the hotel. On our return we enjoyed an outdoor bar-b-q dinner.

The images you have been seeing in the blog are small resolution images made just so we can get quick posts to our blog and share our workshop with everyone. Once the workshop is over each attendee contributes images for their 30×40 prints and we will then make these images into a web gallery and post it here on our blog as we had done with the Iceland PODAS workshop.

Day four of PODAS will be on the road as we move to the next location.



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