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PODAS Australia Day One

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Morning Sunrise Day One - Haasts Bluff

PODAS is off and running. Everyone met at the Sydney airport. After a 3-hour flight from Sydney and an adventure checking in for our flight we all arrived in Alice Springs. We boarded our 4 Wheel Drive bus and headed out to Glen Helen resort. This was our first chance to be together as a group and we clicked very quickly.

The First Full Day Begins . . .

The first day is over and what a day it was. After opening ceremonies and handing out cameras last night, everyone headed to an early night of bed. Why? Because we boarded our bus at 3:45AM to head to an area called Haasts Bluff for a sunrise shoot. We arrived after driving on the worlds roughest road at night in time for sunrise at 5:30 and oh how gorgeous it was. The group was excited and the instructors were busy and the light just evolved.  We were shooting a small mountain and arranging in the foreground these beautiful white barked gum trees. As you can see by the gallery images, the shoot was just fantastic. We also explored infa-red photography with the Phase One Achromatic back.

We enjoyed a simple breakfast with the bluff in our background. We had a good chance to discuss photography as well as using medium format cameras for landscape photography. One of our instructors Ken Duncan, then lead a group to the top of another small bluff where they shot the elements for some Pano stitching that we will do in classroom sessions a few days from now.

We then headed down the road to another area where our goal was to shoot gum trees with the blue and cloudy sky that would be converted to B&W in Capture One. It was back on the bus at an hour or so here and we were off to the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal community. Not too many people get to visit these communities. Not only are they very far out in the outback, but you also need to be invited. Ken Duncan works a lot with this community and they welcomed us with open arms.

Our first stop was the Art Center where the original Aboriginal Art of the community was available for purchase and a number of attendees purchased art.  We then got a chance to photograph some of the artist working as well as some local residents who came in and posed. It was a lot of fun and a bit of a change from shooting landscapes. Allison the community elder and owner of the land arranged for us then to photograph some of the kids. This was a blast and we even let the kids shoot some shots with the P65+. Overall it was a unique and enjoyable visit.

As we headed back we did an outdoor lunch. Then it was along ride back to the Glen Helen Resort. Just about the whole bus was sound asleep as we drove back.  Even with the bumpy dirt roads we were driving on. The rest of the day was a chance to catch up on sleep and work on images. We were out shooting for close to 12 hours and that makes for a very busy first day. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner outside at the resort followed by our first intro to Capture One 6.

Tomorrow will be an early morning but not as early as today.  We still have a lot of workshop left to go.

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