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We’re Off – Australia PODAS

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Another rainy day in Sydney, but the weather forecast where we are headed is hot and partly cloudy. Perfect for our workshop that officially starts on Dec. 2nd. Earlier today a few of the workshop attendees and staff got together and we visited the Museum Of Contemporary Art. An exhibit of Annie Lebowitz photographs was there and quite large and enjoyable. After we enjoyed the exhibit we visited the gallery of one of the PODAS workshop instructors – Ken Duncan. Ken has a number of galleries in Australia selling landscape images. His gallery was beautiful and we had a great time talking with his staff and learning about Ken’s images.  After a lunch we headed back to the hotel.

This evening the Phase One team with instructors got together for our pre-workshop meeting.  We do one of these each workshop. We go over the agenda, routes and photo opportunities as well as logistics of moving from place to place.  It gives all of us a chance to get acquainted and discuss what we will be doing. In the morning we all meet at the airport for the flight to Alice Springs. As much as I like to keep a daily blog of what we do, it may be hard this trip as we will be so far out in the outback that there is no internet, cell coverage and power is generated at the Glen Helen Resort by generator. This blog will be updated with entries as soon as we get back into coverage areas again. The next few days will be filled with photo opportunities as we explore a number of different places.

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