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Made It To Australia


After a very long flight I am now in Australia. This is supposed to be summer here in Sydney but it is mid sixties and raining and grey.  I was hoping to take the Phase One system for a tour of the sites in Sydney but that may have to wait.  A number of the workshop attendees have arrived as well as Jeff Schewe one of the instructors. The rest of the workshop team arrives tomorrow.  Our other two instructors are from Australia and will be a great benefit to us once we get into the outback. On Sunday we sent a car and trailer packed to the brim with all the gear for the workshop on the long journey to Glen Helen Resort.  This will be where we make camp for the first few days of our workshop. There is no internet there so you may not be seeing any blog entries until we get to Ayers Rock area. We’ll see what I can do though.

Tonight we are having a small re-union get together with some of the previous Iceland PODAS Attendees who live here in Australia.  PODAS is like a family and hard to describe but those that have attended the workshops know what I mean. The PODAS family (Alumni) is growing all the time. We share a lot of fun experiences all tied together with the passion of our photography.

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2 thoughts on “Made It To Australia

  1. People normally use the traditional name Uluru these days.Its more respectful. Enjoy my beautiful country !!

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