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PODAS Iceland Draws To A Close

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The PODAS Iceland Group

What an adventure! We have made it to Sunday and have taken some amazing shots, covered a lot of miles and made some great new friends.  We have seen beautiful vistas, magnificent waterfalls, huge glaciers, icebergs in the mist, icebergs on the beach, black sand beaches, icelandic horses and so much more. Everyone has become proficient on the Phase One camera system and all are blown away by the amazing detail and quality of the images they have taken.

This has been a true international event. With instructors and staff we have 31 people. Four vans and an SUV to traverse the countryside. And, there were 23 attendees from the US, Belgium, Mexico, Norway, Israel, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Austria  and Ukraine. everyone became good friends and all shared the same passion – photography. The instructors did a super job working with the attendees as well as doing some great presentations. Four of the attendees had also attended a previous PODAS.  All on this trip anxiously await next years schedule as they would all think about attending again.

There is a lot to reflect back on. In the coming weeks we’ll post some entries from attendees and instructors on their reflections of this trip. The images that all of us took we will be busy editing and working on for months. Our local friend and guide Daniel Bergmann did an excellent job getting us from point A to B. We owe Daniel a big thank you for showing us his country, a better ambassador couldn’t be found anywhere.

Last night we had our closing ceremonies. One of the features of our last night is a slide show. Everyone contributes 4 of their favorite photos and then we add a lot of candid shots of the trip and some pretty fun ones at that. The show is put to music and in 20 minutes we get to relive the last week. If we can we’ll see if we can get it on the web once we are back to a good internet connection.

Please check back over the coming weeks as weeks as we make updates and post a gallery of attendee images. On behalf of all of us here at the PODAS Iceland, thanks for following our adventure and I hope we will see you on one of these in the future.

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