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Some Reflections On Iceland

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It’s hard to believe that it is Thursday.  Seems like yesterday that we started. We have two more days of photography and fun.

We have seen a lot of Iceland over the last few days.  We have photographed many locations and it seems the hits just keep coming. This is an amazing country. I have had the opportunity to travel and see many places but Iceland is just one of the most amazing places. On this workshop we are only working in the southern part. As we have traveled through the land I am just overwhelmed with the richness and beauty that Iceland offers. There are just over 300,000 Icelanders in this country. All that we have met are friendly and proud. It is a land of contrast in many ways. The land is volcanic and all through Iceland you are reminded of this with geo-thermal areas, lava fields and volcanic mountains. The landscape is ever changing. Rolling hills, flat desert like areas that rival a moonscape, splendid mountains, waterfalls by the hundreds, amazing surf and coastline, sea stacks and cliffs, lakes, rushing rivers, glaciers and wildlife everywhere, constantly remind you that you are in a special place. And, Iceland is home of some of the coolest horses anywhere.

All of us at this workshop are a bit overwhelmed as each location we stop at we could spend a day or more.  We feel that it can’t get any better and then around the next bend we are amazed at the next vista being offered up to us. The work being produced by the attendees at this workshop is stunning. I hope I can start posting some of the images over the next few days. The photos in this entry just are a hint of just how beautiful the sights we have seen and photographed are.

Today has been non-stop since sunrise.  We photographed icebergs on the beach. You’ll see these images tomorrow. Then we had a program by Jim Martin and off we went to photograph a most magnificent waterfall. Then it was off to the Glacial lagoon for sunset. Lots of miles and lots of giga-pixels.

Tomorrow’s blog will feature a lot of images of the workshop going on. Stop back and visit and with a little luck the bandwidth will hold up for some more blog posts.

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