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Tuesday – Into The Highlands

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We awoke early and prepared for a few hours drive into the interior of Iceland. The weather was sort of a drizzle and clouds. We drove through the most magnificent landscapes and scenes you could imagine. When we stopped we did a 3 hours shoot and hike. This was along a valley that worked it’s way up to a mountain top overview and a geothermal field. It was just stunning and there was so much to shoot. When the group found it’s way back to the parking loot we did a late afternoon lunch and headed out again. We stopped soon after at this most magnificent vista with lava field rocks and gorgeous mountains and lakes. It was almost surreal. This place just begged for panoramas and a loot of files were made to be stitched from this shoot. Upon arriving back to the hotel everyone picked up some cocktails and beers and were treated to a special program by Mark Dubovoy.  Mark shared his expertise on seeing the shot as well as technical cameras – mainly the ALPA. We have a number of ALPA systems on this trip that people will be using to get experience with this very beautiful camera and optic system.

Tomorrow we are off for a journey to Skaftafell. This area will give us more waterfalls, glaciers, glacial lagoons, icebergs on a beach with black sand and much more.

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One thought on “Tuesday – Into The Highlands

  1. I was there with Daniel Bergmann about 4 weeks ago – amazing location – stunning landscapes. Enjoy and keep the posts coming.
    Photographs from my trip also on my blog at http://blog.jholko.com and at http://www.jholko.com

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