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Monday – The Trip To Hotel Ranga

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This is my first post with photos from the workshop.  We have been at a hotel for two days that has internet from the dark ages. So, I have stopped at a cafe to post these on our way to the second part of our workshop location.

We packed up the vans and luggage trailers at 9:00 on Monday and headed to Hotel Range. We spent two days and nights here.  This was an incredible location and we could have spent a week. Our first day we went to a magnificent waterfall and spent a few hours there photographing all the different things we could. There we overall wide shots, telephoto images and long exposures. This waterfall has never had so many mega-pixels taken from it in such a short time.

Daniel Bergmann then lead us to a beautiful ocean location. Crashing waves, sea stacks, cliffs, volcanic rock, arches in stone. The groups spread out and had a field day shooting. after our journey back to the hotel we settled in for a delicious meal of lamb and great talks about how good the day was. After dinner we heard a presentation from Claus Molgaard, VP of Phase One R&D. This was amazing as Dr. Claus shared with everyone information about digital photography, sensors, software and gave hints of what is coming.  He showed everyone and has left behind a vertical grip, one of Phase One’s newest products.  The program lasted to close to midnight and everyone was wide awake. Thank you Claus!

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