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PODAS Iceland Draws To A Close

The PODAS Iceland Group

What an adventure! We have made it to Sunday and have taken some amazing shots, covered a lot of miles and made some great new friends.  We have seen beautiful vistas, magnificent waterfalls, huge glaciers, icebergs in the mist, icebergs on the beach, black sand beaches, icelandic horses and so much more. Everyone has become proficient on the Phase One camera system and all are blown away by the amazing detail and quality of the images they have taken.

This has been a true international event. With instructors and staff we have 31 people. Four vans and an SUV to traverse the countryside. And, there were 23 attendees from the US, Belgium, Mexico, Norway, Israel, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Austria  and Ukraine. everyone became good friends and all shared the same passion – photography. The instructors did a super job working with the attendees as well as doing some great presentations. Four of the attendees had also attended a previous PODAS.  All on this trip anxiously await next years schedule as they would all think about attending again.

There is a lot to reflect back on. In the coming weeks we’ll post some entries from attendees and instructors on their reflections of this trip. The images that all of us took we will be busy editing and working on for months. Our local friend and guide Daniel Bergmann did an excellent job getting us from point A to B. We owe Daniel a big thank you for showing us his country, a better ambassador couldn’t be found anywhere.

Last night we had our closing ceremonies. One of the features of our last night is a slide show. Everyone contributes 4 of their favorite photos and then we add a lot of candid shots of the trip and some pretty fun ones at that. The show is put to music and in 20 minutes we get to relive the last week. If we can we’ll see if we can get it on the web once we are back to a good internet connection.

Please check back over the coming weeks as weeks as we make updates and post a gallery of attendee images. On behalf of all of us here at the PODAS Iceland, thanks for following our adventure and I hope we will see you on one of these in the future.

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PODAS Workshop Fun

There are some big goals we have set for PODAS. First is to put on the finest workshop available. Providing not only a good photographic experience but also a great learning experience. Most important is that everyone has fun shooting with their Phase One cameras. With this come new friends and a lot of opportunity to learn new things from these friends and as small groups. We eat together, travel together and photograph together. Here are some of the fun shots from Thursday. Enjoy!

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Some Attendee Contributions

This is a small gallery of some images contributed by attendees. More will be coming. Each attendee is asked to leave us with 2 good images that we will make a 30×40 inch print of. At the end of the workshop I will post a gallery of attendee work. For now these are just for fun.

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Some Reflections On Iceland

It’s hard to believe that it is Thursday.  Seems like yesterday that we started. We have two more days of photography and fun.

We have seen a lot of Iceland over the last few days.  We have photographed many locations and it seems the hits just keep coming. This is an amazing country. I have had the opportunity to travel and see many places but Iceland is just one of the most amazing places. On this workshop we are only working in the southern part. As we have traveled through the land I am just overwhelmed with the richness and beauty that Iceland offers. There are just over 300,000 Icelanders in this country. All that we have met are friendly and proud. It is a land of contrast in many ways. The land is volcanic and all through Iceland you are reminded of this with geo-thermal areas, lava fields and volcanic mountains. The landscape is ever changing. Rolling hills, flat desert like areas that rival a moonscape, splendid mountains, waterfalls by the hundreds, amazing surf and coastline, sea stacks and cliffs, lakes, rushing rivers, glaciers and wildlife everywhere, constantly remind you that you are in a special place. And, Iceland is home of some of the coolest horses anywhere.

All of us at this workshop are a bit overwhelmed as each location we stop at we could spend a day or more.  We feel that it can’t get any better and then around the next bend we are amazed at the next vista being offered up to us. The work being produced by the attendees at this workshop is stunning. I hope I can start posting some of the images over the next few days. The photos in this entry just are a hint of just how beautiful the sights we have seen and photographed are.

Today has been non-stop since sunrise.  We photographed icebergs on the beach. You’ll see these images tomorrow. Then we had a program by Jim Martin and off we went to photograph a most magnificent waterfall. Then it was off to the Glacial lagoon for sunset. Lots of miles and lots of giga-pixels.

Tomorrow’s blog will feature a lot of images of the workshop going on. Stop back and visit and with a little luck the bandwidth will hold up for some more blog posts.

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Glaciers, Waterfalls, Icebergs and Good Times….

The Glacial Lagoon - 10 image stitch at sunset

After a bit of a drive and a few stops to shoot along the way, the workshop group arrived at our next location in Skaftfell. We enjoyed a lunch and then a presentation by Jonathan Gilbert on Capture One.  Everyone is amazed at the images captures so far and the detail.  After the program everyone headed to the Glacial Lagoon. They were greeted with icebergs in the fog. The fog was great and gave lots of photo opportunities as it began to lift and reveal more bergs. In the end it blew off and we were greeted with images like the pano above. Thursday morning is sunrise at iceberg beach. Look for more . . .

One of our attendees – Carlos San Miguel has been keeping his own record of the trip. You can visit his photos HERE. He will also be updating the images as the internet allows.

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Tuesday – Into The Highlands

We awoke early and prepared for a few hours drive into the interior of Iceland. The weather was sort of a drizzle and clouds. We drove through the most magnificent landscapes and scenes you could imagine. When we stopped we did a 3 hours shoot and hike. This was along a valley that worked it’s way up to a mountain top overview and a geothermal field. It was just stunning and there was so much to shoot. When the group found it’s way back to the parking loot we did a late afternoon lunch and headed out again. We stopped soon after at this most magnificent vista with lava field rocks and gorgeous mountains and lakes. It was almost surreal. This place just begged for panoramas and a loot of files were made to be stitched from this shoot. Upon arriving back to the hotel everyone picked up some cocktails and beers and were treated to a special program by Mark Dubovoy.  Mark shared his expertise on seeing the shot as well as technical cameras – mainly the ALPA. We have a number of ALPA systems on this trip that people will be using to get experience with this very beautiful camera and optic system.

Tomorrow we are off for a journey to Skaftafell. This area will give us more waterfalls, glaciers, glacial lagoons, icebergs on a beach with black sand and much more.

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Monday – The Trip To Hotel Ranga

This is my first post with photos from the workshop.  We have been at a hotel for two days that has internet from the dark ages. So, I have stopped at a cafe to post these on our way to the second part of our workshop location.

We packed up the vans and luggage trailers at 9:00 on Monday and headed to Hotel Range. We spent two days and nights here.  This was an incredible location and we could have spent a week. Our first day we went to a magnificent waterfall and spent a few hours there photographing all the different things we could. There we overall wide shots, telephoto images and long exposures. This waterfall has never had so many mega-pixels taken from it in such a short time.

Daniel Bergmann then lead us to a beautiful ocean location. Crashing waves, sea stacks, cliffs, volcanic rock, arches in stone. The groups spread out and had a field day shooting. after our journey back to the hotel we settled in for a delicious meal of lamb and great talks about how good the day was. After dinner we heard a presentation from Claus Molgaard, VP of Phase One R&D. This was amazing as Dr. Claus shared with everyone information about digital photography, sensors, software and gave hints of what is coming.  He showed everyone and has left behind a vertical grip, one of Phase One’s newest products.  The program lasted to close to midnight and everyone was wide awake. Thank you Claus!