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Good News and Bad News


It’s Tuesday August 31st and we have now been at Hotel Ranga for one night. Yesterday we moved from Reykjavik to an area further down the South Coast. We explored and photographed waterfalls and the coastline. We arrived back at the hotel to a marvelous dinner and program by Claus Mølgaard, Phase One’s Chief Technologist. Claus is along on the trip for part of it to see how equipment performs, show off some cool new goodies and to learn about digital cameras and sensors. The program was so good we finished at 11:30 PM with our heads full of new information. Today we are heading out shortly to the highland. We expect to be out nearly 12 hours shooting some spectacular scenery.

The Good News first – all of us are having a great time. It’s a good group and it’s fun to see how everyone sees differently when shooting.

The bad news is we have an internet connection that performs at less than 56K. I am hoping that this post makes it through. When things improve I’ll update with images and more.

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2 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Check out the Wi-Fi at local High School. It is often better than the hotels. 😉

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I wish you folks a wonderful workshop experience and lots of success in Iceland. Best regards to all Phase-1 friends I know from the DV workshop, and to Daniel.

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