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PODAS Day One Kick Off

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PODAS officially got underway today – Sunday August 29th. For the next 7 days we will be traveling southern Iceland shooting the beautiful countryside. All 23 participants and staff totaling 31 folks all arrived and are refreshed and ready to go. On Sunday attendees could check in and pick up their cameras.  Each received a Phase One 645 DF with 75-150mm lens. Held an orientation class and then went for a short field trip to allow everyone to shoot with the cameras and get acquainted with medium format digital. We left and it was rainy but as we entered the park where we were to shoot the rain stopped and we had 90 minutes of fun photography. Iceland is a dynamic country when it comes to climate and we are expecting all sorts of conditions for our trip. After our excursion we enjoyed a get together in the bar and then a kick off dinner which was followed by the official opening ceremonies.

This is a very diverse group of attendees. We have 23 participants from all over the world. Countries represented are Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Canada, Norway and US. It is a good group of happy folks with one goal in mind to shoot good photos and have a good time.

Below are some of the photos done during the day. We’ll post some of the opening ceremony photos in one of our next posts.

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