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The Gear Has Arrived And Is Ready To Go

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PODAS workshops are different from other workshops as Phase One provides the attendees with a Phase One P65+ system to use during the  workshop.  Each attendee gets their own system and a bank of lenses to work with. Of course moving 25 camera systems, lenses and support material into a different country is a task. Well, mission accomplished. Today we unpacked, sorted and tested the equipment to make sure it was all-functional. Tomorrow the workshop attendees are arriving. Sunday the workshop kicks off.  Stay tuned.

Pictured here are Murray Elliott and Jon Gilbert prepping the gear.

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One thought on “The Gear Has Arrived And Is Ready To Go

  1. Hi,
    Have just done a photo tour of the southern region from 6th to 13th of August – it is the most amazing country. Didn’t have a medium format but stil ecstatic about my photos. Wonderful to see your fabulous pics.
    Had previously spent time voyaging around Svalbard and got some unforgetable polar bear pics.

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