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Good News and Bad News

It’s Tuesday August 31st and we have now been at Hotel Ranga for one night. Yesterday we moved from Reykjavik to an area further down the South Coast. We explored and photographed waterfalls and the coastline. We arrived back at the hotel to a marvelous dinner and program by Claus Mølgaard, Phase One’s Chief Technologist. Claus is along on the trip for part of it to see how equipment performs, show off some cool new goodies and to learn about digital cameras and sensors. The program was so good we finished at 11:30 PM with our heads full of new information. Today we are heading out shortly to the highland. We expect to be out nearly 12 hours shooting some spectacular scenery.

The Good News first – all of us are having a great time. It’s a good group and it’s fun to see how everyone sees differently when shooting.

The bad news is we have an internet connection that performs at less than 56K. I am hoping that this post makes it through. When things improve I’ll update with images and more.

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PODAS Day One Kick Off

PODAS officially got underway today – Sunday August 29th. For the next 7 days we will be traveling southern Iceland shooting the beautiful countryside. All 23 participants and staff totaling 31 folks all arrived and are refreshed and ready to go. On Sunday attendees could check in and pick up their cameras.  Each received a Phase One 645 DF with 75-150mm lens. Held an orientation class and then went for a short field trip to allow everyone to shoot with the cameras and get acquainted with medium format digital. We left and it was rainy but as we entered the park where we were to shoot the rain stopped and we had 90 minutes of fun photography. Iceland is a dynamic country when it comes to climate and we are expecting all sorts of conditions for our trip. After our excursion we enjoyed a get together in the bar and then a kick off dinner which was followed by the official opening ceremonies.

This is a very diverse group of attendees. We have 23 participants from all over the world. Countries represented are Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Canada, Norway and US. It is a good group of happy folks with one goal in mind to shoot good photos and have a good time.

Below are some of the photos done during the day. We’ll post some of the opening ceremony photos in one of our next posts.

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The Gear Has Arrived And Is Ready To Go

PODAS workshops are different from other workshops as Phase One provides the attendees with a Phase One P65+ system to use during the  workshop.  Each attendee gets their own system and a bank of lenses to work with. Of course moving 25 camera systems, lenses and support material into a different country is a task. Well, mission accomplished. Today we unpacked, sorted and tested the equipment to make sure it was all-functional. Tomorrow the workshop attendees are arriving. Sunday the workshop kicks off.  Stay tuned.

Pictured here are Murray Elliott and Jon Gilbert prepping the gear.

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Today We Are Heading Out

Glacial Lagoon At Sunrise

Today the Phase One team heads out to Iceland. Arriving early in the morning Friday the team consisting of Murray Elliott, Jon Gilbert and myself (Kevin Raber) will pick up the vans and head to the hotel where we will be doing the workshop kick-off. The workshop officially starts on Sunday but we will be using the next few days to check in over a million dollars worth of photo gear that the workshop attendees will be using. Each participant will be provided a Phase One P65+ DF camera with a 75-150mm zoom lens. A perfect set up for shooting the magnificent landscapes of Iceland. Each van will have a bank of lenses from 28mm to 300mm for attendees to use.  We will be working out of 5 different vehicles with over 30 people. These include 23 attendees, 5 Phase One staff and 4 world class instructors. There isn’t a workshop anywhere that not only offers attendees the world’s best camera to use but also provides meals, rooms, transportation and a fun learning experience.

You can check out the description of this trip here. We also have a PODAS workshop in Australia this December. This will be another magnificent adventure. Check it out here.

Over the coming days I will do my best to post regular updates about our workshop – adventure. While we will be shooting with P65+ systems many of the blog photos will be shot with smaller format cameras and even iPhone as we can post from the field and do so quicker using these cameras. So, please understand that.  We will do a posting of final images after the workshop of attendees work. Our goal with this blog is to share the workshop with you as we are having it. On some days we may not have good internet coverage so there may be periods where the blog isn’t updated. We will do our best though to catch up when we do get good signals.

So stay tuned the adventure begins.

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Announcing The Phase One Vertical Grip

We are very proud to be able to announce the release of the Phase One V-grip Air today!

The Phase One V-Grip Air is a vertical grip for the Phase One 645DF  camera. It is the first vertical grip to feature a wireless flash trigger, based on cooperation with Profoto.

Other key features and benefits:
• Supports digital back batteries (Leaf, Mamiya and Phase One) – for improved operational time
• Ergonomic design – for a long days work
• Integrated L-bracket – for easy tripod mounting and usage
• Easy camera firmware upgrade via USB connection

Read more here

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Phase One and ALPA Team Up


ALPA of Switzerland, (http://www.alpa.ch/en/home.html) without a doubt the finest maker of high end technical cameras has teamed up with Phase One to bring the ALPA camera systems to PODAS workshops. ALPA has kindly provided 2 cameras and a wide range of lenses to use at the PODAS workshop. Our next workshop begins Sunday August 29, in Iceland.

We will be working with an ALPA 12 TC and an ALPA 12 MAX. We will have instructors that can provide instruction on using the P65+ back with this camera system and how it works as well as the benefits. Mark Dubovoy is our resident expert and you will find very quickly how much he knows about getting the max out of the ALPA cameras.

We thank ALPA for their cooperation and dedication to thePODAS workshops.

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2010 Workshop Dates

Phase One is very excited to launch PODAS worldwide in 2010.  These workshops will have multiple well know instructors and Phase One staff.  In addition each workshop attendee will be loaned a Phase One camera system and back to you use during the workshop. There are many other benefits too.  These workshops are all inclusive including transportation from airport to the event hotel, transportation during the event, all food, room, 2-30×40 inch prints of the attendees choice, a camera bag and much more.

For more information email kwr@phaseone.com.  Look for the PODAS section on the Phase One web site soon.

This years workshops:

August 29th through september 5th – Iceland (SOLD OUT)

December 1st through December 7th – Australia*