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Things are moving fast for the 2010 PODAS events.  I recently was in Death Valley booking a PODAS event there for 2011.  More on this in the coming weeks.  Death Valley is where PODAS was born and our return there will include some surprises.  Stay tuned. We are in the final steps of firming the plans for PODAS – Australia.  Our web page should be updated within the next week for what promises to be a major adventure.  Check out www.phaseone.com/podas.  I recently posted a welcome video on the Phase One PODAS site and will do so here to in the next day or so.  I intend to do video updates as we move closer to some of the workshops and also as part of the blog from workshops themselves.  Stay tuned.  Also, have your bookmarked the PODAS blog with an RSS link?  By saving a link as an RSS feed you’ll be notified of the latest posts on the PODAS blog.

While in Death Valley I did some photography and it was like old home week.  While on top of a mountain pass a truck pulled up and one of the PODAS instructors Alain Broit saw me shooting with a Phase One camera and said hello.  He just finished doing his own workshop there.  One of the PODAS Death Valley alumni – Harry Sandler also joined me for a day of shooting.  See some shots below of Harry at the Race Track the world famous location where rocks move and leave a trail.  These images were taken by his friend – Neil Enns.  I’ll have more photos with Harry with my next entry.  Also, joining me was Bruce Pottinger from Australia.  Bruce is a Phase One dealer in Australia and is working with me to make the Australia PODAS a success.

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